GOD was a God of sacrifice. “Was” I said. No not any more. But why was God our God the universal creator so about sacrifice? In the past God taught his chosen people, called the people of PROMISE, the importance of sacrifice. God taught through His servants the PROPHETS. 

Now since Jesus came in to this world God does not stress the importance of sacrifice, now God preaches more about Godly LOVE. But why is sacrifice now not a big topic of God? To die for someone is the ultimate sacrifice and this death sacrifice is the biggest show of love that is possible. 
God wanted sacrifice and he ordered his people of promise the Hebrews to sacrifice animals and birds. Of course God could not expect his people to sacrifice humans periodically. 

But when God decided that sins were too much on this earth, and God was not appeased by the animal and bird sacrifices of man, God then made the ultimate sacrifice a sacrifice that could not be bettered, God sacrificed His only Son. This sacrifice of Gods Son was the final sacrifice as no other sacrifice could out do this one. The Son of God was the sin sacrifice to atone for the sins of this world. God does not want anymore sacrifices because all other sacrifices are nothing compared to Gods sacrifice. In the end God gave the sacrifice.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray



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