Today is Easter Monday and I am watching television. The tv show is called “The Lone Ranger”. I think to myself “What will other people think of me watching what is considered a child’s show”. I think “We humans do not change”. The tree never changes. The seed becomes a tree. We think “The seed does change to become a sapling and changes to become a tree”. But I think “That the seed and sapling and tree are the same, nothing really changes. The essence never changes”. 

We see change on the outside but inside nothing changes. It’s the same for humans we never change. We look like we change structurally but in our soul and spirit we remain unchanged. So I watch a television show considered too childish for me but the show is not childish the show is child like. We humans can be child like but not childish. We can watch a child like show full of innocence and straightforward ness with out any reservations. But humans get it in to their heads that child like shows, full of innocence, is bad for grown up adults. Sure we grow up we get bigger and taller, the tree also grows up. But growing and maturing don’t change what’s inside. We are a little shadow of a soul and we are nothing really apart from God. 

Our souls need words to comprehend, without words the soul is nothing. But words need guidance and understanding. Our words need a framework and authority and power so God is the WORDS that give us this guidance and framework. Gods WORDS give us protection. Words grow and mature. But words don’t change. Words grow just as a tree grows. Gods WORDS don’t change. God never changes. 

So why do humans think they change? Yes a lot of humans do change and such change is not natural, such changes are unnatural. JESUS warned his disciples about the “Yeast of the Pharisees”. Yeast changes the bread, the bread rises in the hot oven with the help of yeast. Yeast symbolises all the man made changes that man goes through. The Pharisees were people of the yeast. The Pharisees were self important, self glorifying, self status seekers; the Pharisees were in to human wisdom in a big way. JESUS warned his disciples to stay away from the yeast. Man makes up his own wisdom and such wisdom makes man out to be important, wise, understanding, knowledgable, intelligent, strong, powerful, noble etc. God in the Bible speaks about unleavened bread, bread with no yeast in it. Such teachings about unleavened bread fall on death ears, people seem to not understand. 

Religion makes people important, wise etc. Religion can be full of man made rules and man made dogma. God never changes and we should not change. We are all equal. Religion should not exalt us in our own thinking. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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