Israel ponders next steps after Iran nuclear deal announced 

Israel says it always has the military option on the table. 
Why is there a perception that Israel won’t use the military option against Iran? I mean there definitely is this perception is there not. I mean one has to work within the boundaries of what our heart and mind can digest and warring with Iran is not on the radar for this time. 

The USA is wanting to contain Iran and its supposed belligerence within a diplomatic framework and not enter here in to any conflict of a physical nature. Maybe Iran is a future warring entity with Israel and such a war has its time and this time is not now. I mean there is the big ARMAGEDDON war with Israel fighting its enemies. No one can stop this big inevitable war from happening; it’s just who will be fighting Israel in it? Maybe this big war will be Israel’s Arab enemies all ganging up and fighting Israel. 

The patriarch Abraham father to the Jews spawned a child to a servant woman, a child named Ishmael, a child who grew strong and victorious. But this child was not of the PROMISE of God. Abraham did spawn a child named Isaac who was of the PROMISE. Ishmael’s descendants who are not of the PROMISE of God are at war with Isaacs descendants who are of the PROMISE of God. Man has FREEWILL. Abraham had freewill. Ishmael born not in the PROMISE but having the same father Abraham. Since this birth of Ishmael he and his descendants have been a thorn in the side of the children of the PROMISE.
Christians in regard to both half brothers, Isaac and Ishmael, are people who side with the son of promise (Isaac). Christians are also of the promise having inherited the PROMISE through JESUS CHRIST.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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