When I was a student at Bible College we had a lot of Asian students (from Asia) studying at this College. I noticed how hard they worked. They persevered and endured. 

I was living on campus in a 3 bedroomed unit and one of the other students in my unit a caucasian man brought up on english in Australian schools often helped the Asian students with their assignments. Tom (not his real name) often went through these assignments correcting grammar and spelling. Once I looked at one of these assignments previous to correction and I was quite amazed with the grammar and spelling inaccuracies. I thought my assignments were hard but for some Asian students brought up in Asian countries they were having it much harder here. These Asian students were not just doing a certificate or diploma like me they were doing degrees. Not a Diploma of Ministry but a Bachelor of Ministry. I mean a bachelor is a degree and people in this world swoon over degrees like they are gold. 

I considered all this and thought. Asians in Asian nations usually have to compete harder. Many Asians are poor. 

But it’s ALL about getting the qualifications. It’s not necessary about learning. Qualifications means getting money. Asian nations are predominantly poor when compared to Western nations. China might look rich but it’s only rich for a minority, most Chinese are still poor. Poor people want to get qualifications so they work very hard. These people may not be able to get in to universities in Asia so their parents work hard to send their children to Western countries to study and get qualified. Having qualifications means getting a better life. A western qualification is esteemed more so than qualifications in poor nations. English is esteemed because if one was qualified and spoke/wrote english one might be able better to get citizenship or permanent resident in an english speaking nation. English speaking nations are usually wealthy nations.  

Today at home I had a phone call. I don’t like answering my home phone because there’s a good likelihood the call is from a call centre in I think India. I get these calls sometimes often, thankfully not so much now but not long ago they just about came in every day or about 5 days a week. I hate getting these calls. But today was different. Today the caller said she represented an Education Provider. Yes education is now big business, has been now for years. But education has gone in to sales. Providers are selling education. In my youth you did not see education being a business and sales. Education in my youth was about learning AND getting qualifications; now it seems education is all about getting qualifications and not learning. 

Of course we must face the reality of qualifications. Do you want to be a street cleaner or janitor? Getting qualifications means a better standard of living. If you are really at the coal face of reality between being really dirt poor and wanting to have a good standard of living it helps to be astute and play the world game and get qualifications any way how; even buying qualifications. Who wants to live in a slum in some dirty crime ridden town or city in one of those third world nations when you could with qualifications live in a cleaner wealthier environment in say a western nation. Western nations may accept immigrants from poor nations if these immigrants showed that they had passed qualifications. So it’s about surviving for a lot of people especially those people in poor nations who live at the coal face of just surviving. So Asian students know the worth of just getting qualifications. So these students may not be good at writing english but they persevere and get degrees. These students may pay other people to help them. They may even pay people to do their assignments. I have even heard of a case in the USA where a male university professor was giving high assignment marks to a female student because she was giving sexual favours to the professor. I expect such a case is not just on a small scale, I expect a lot of students and teachers world wide sexual liaise so students can get good essay or exam marks. 

So now a days to get money you have to be qualified; never mind the actual learning. Chasing after the money does not include much learning its about getting qualified. Now not everyone is about cheating. Some might cheat and learn at the same time. I mean there are jobs that require a lot of actual learning say for a doctor, lawyer, airline pilot, dentist, builders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics and it goes on. But you can still learn and cheat together and still get those jobs. I am getting to the opinion that a lot of major sports people cheat. Cheating as in taking body performance enhancement drugs. I am thinking where are drugs not in say the AFL (football). Taking illegally banned drugs in sports is cheating, cheating to be qualified. 

So the reality is, that’s if you are willing to work at it, is to chase after the money and how you get that money is to play a game and in this game what cards you play means the difference between being poor or wealthy. People are known to cheat at this game. The cheaters think that they are clever. 

Me I play by the rules. So I am not rich. But I have a conscience that I can live with. I can get on well with myself. I am rich in the eyes of people’s in third world nations and I live quite comfortably. I don’t keep awake at night thinking of all the people I cheated. Where I cheated it was minimal. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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