RUN THE RACE (but with balance)


Man strives in these three particular areas. I mean strive, it’s about winning, it’s about being positive and its about overcoming. 

Man usually does not balance these three areas but tries to excel in just one of these areas. Why excel at all? Man wants to conquer; why conquer? Man want to be on top. It’s all about being above everyone else, it’s like trying to get to heaven. So man wants to be in heaven above and to do this man uses the physical. But man also uses the intelligence or spiritual to try and get to heaven above. The physical is only one way. Man in his/her youth usually identify with the physical first then later in youth the intelligence and maybe later the spiritual (All back to front).

In the physical man to get on top might try sports. Man may try body building. 

In the intelligence man may study and get qualifications. Man may strive for university degrees. I mean here would be a doctorate degree as their maybe ultimate achievement. 

In the spiritual man may try prayer and spiritual things like spiritual warfare.

So man is unbalanced. Man does not try and get a balance between the physical and intelligence and spiritual. 

Man specialises in one of these three areas, one area much more than the others. 

Man exercises. Man is out to conquer. Man exercises hard to get ahead. Mankind is known as the “Human Race”. It’s a RACE of humans competing against each other. It’s like when man came in to conception. The male sowed the seed. The seed raced for the egg. It’s about winning, who gets to the females egg first? So at the beginning of man it’s about a “race”. The race is about being first and first gets the glorious crown; it’s like getting to heaven above; there’s where it is bliss. 

Man may exercise physically every day to achieve his above bliss. Man may work out in the gym frequently to get his winning. Man may try and get big muscles. 

Man may exercise his/her intelligence by going to college then to university and in to research to win. Man may work to achieve many university degrees to win. 

Man may exercise spiritually by trying to be like the saints of the Roman Catholic Church and win that way. 

But is not man unbalanced? Is life meant to be only about winning? The seed sown by the man in to the woman has to be first, has to win. 

I think being first is good. But the Bible says “To be first you must be last”. So to be last you are first. To be top in charge means to be the servant of all. We can win in Gods good timing. But let’s all win together. Help each other. Let’s make sure everyone wins. Team work. There’s plenty to go around. 

Apostle Paul speaks about “Winning the race”. We win by by loving and serving all. Such instruction of Paul usually falls on death ears because man in his finite mind can not fathom that being “Last is first”. Man sees mostly from a physical view not a spiritual view where really we must link up the physical to the spiritual and work them together. Intelligence helps us to comprehend both physical and spiritual working in unison. Man in just the physical view sees seldom deeper than skin depth. To read someone we must go past the skin to the soul and spirit (A cover on a book tells only little). When reading the soul we learn about people. We perceive, we understand. Body builders we may say most probably would be shallow people who do not go for soul and spirit and thus such people do not connect with God. God is Spirit. God came first. Spirit came first. We must get beyond the physical to God Spirit/human spirit. Physical did not come first but in our human ignorance we think physical came first not Spirit/spirit. We humans have human spirit. Human spirit may have come before our physical flesh and bone. Soul may have come before physical. 

JESUS was and is WORDS. JESUS is the incarnate Word. Jesus is WORDS and flesh and bone. Jesus is physical, intellectual and spiritual. Man must be incarnate Word too. Man must stand on and live by his/her words. We are what we think. We are our words. Man as the incarnate Word (or tries to be) races to be loving, righteous, truthful, full of good works, tolerant, patient. Man races to be like JESUS CHRIST. And to be like Jesus Christ we must love and serve all. 

So to get to heaven, to win the race (that Apostle Paul writes about) we try to be like Jesus Christ and balanced in the physical and spiritual and intelligence. Without balance we fall over.

Man = Mankind, male and female.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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