The Nationals Member for Page condemns Prime Minister’s decision to give Prince Philip a knighthood – ABC News (quote: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The traditional thinking people like their titles and we see that in no small proportion in Prince Philip.

Two men were sitting at a table one was JESUS and the other Philip husband of Queen Elizabeth. “Hello my name is JESUS what is your name” and Philip spoke:

“His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich, KG (Knight of the Garter), KT (Knight of the Thistle), OM (Order of Merit), GBE (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire), AK (Knight of the Order of Australia), QSO (Companion of The Queen’s Service Order)”.

Jesus looked at Philip and thought “Are you for real”?

Seeking titles are not just narrowed down to the traditional upper classes. Of course royalty bred and breeds the class system. So from this bred class system starting from the royal court we end up getting revolution from the lower classes joining what we call a class struggle and inspiring people like Karl Marx to write manifesto’s belittling the bourgeois and their parasitical behaviour to the upper and royal class.

Class starts at the top with the Monarch. The closer you get to the Monarch and his or her favours the richer you are; you get lands, you get titles, you get status paid jobs, you get money. Hey once you belong to this so called “establishment” you are made, your career is made; you get the status jobs like in the Foreign Service and intelligence services But first you are given placement in the schools like Eaton and then Oxford or Cambridge. Anyone from Cambridge or Oxford with degrees are made; they belong. The USA has its establishment universities Harvard and Yale.

This so called class struggle has nothing to do with true Christ thinking. The true church should not be about class, the true church is about GRACE. Class is worldly and inspired by money and status. Jesus was never and still is not about class. The world loves to pigeon hole everything. We are just about labelled from birth. The Beast and 666 is the fruition of labelling and pigeon holing. We will carry a mark and this Mark means we are connected up to some Beast who has overall control over us. Of course buying and selling will come under the Beast. Some say that the Beast is a large big computer but I think what we know as computers are still in their infancy and in the future computers may look very different and these future computers might even go by a new name. Computers get smaller not bigger. Small is big and big is small. The atom is very very small but so very very powerful.

This ‘establishment’ bred by the traditional upper classes rooted in the royal court love their titles and pomp. But there are what we call the modern church people (called in circles Pentecostals) and these people love cliches like “Born again”; these people do not like tradition, some even abhor tradition; they usually take the bible literally BUT these people also like their titles. Well some of their leaders do. You get the evangelist (usually North American, USA) and first he calls himself an evangelist but it does not stop there. He is not satisfied with his title evangelist. He then calls himself a pastor and evangelist. But he goes on. Then he gets his followers and wants more titles. He’s now a pastor, evangelist and apostle. Then he adds teacher to the list.

NB. The Bible warns us not to take the Mark of the Beast.

Australia Day honours: PM Tony Abbott defends decision to grant knighthood for Prince Philip, says social media criticism is ‘electronic graffiti’ – ABC News (quote: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I think that it looks some what meaningless to give a knighthood to a Prince of the royal family.

I think of King Arthur and the round table of Knights. See King Arthur was called King he was not called a knight. A King lords it over a knight. A knight is the Kings servant (and also the servant of the family of the King). The knight pleases the King. You don’t say Sir King Arthur. The Sir knighthood is a gift from the King not given to the King or his Sons. The King (or Queen) and family have Knights of the realm protecting the royal family. So calling Philip – Sir Prince Philip does not make sense. The knighthoods are bestowed from the royal family NOT on the royal family; such should be tradition coming from the ancients.

King Arthur was head of the round table. The present Queen is head of the table now. But what is the Queens husband doing at the table now as a knight. Is the Queens husband a knight now who serves the Queen. Knights are just servants protecting the realm. A King or Queen should not have their spouses as Knights. And the King or Queens children or grand children should not be Knights. The royal family are served by the Knights.

You know I think if it was not for Queen Elizabeth’s good moral life the English royal family might just be a bye word. Morals make a person; actually thoughts make a person, BUT good thinking makes good morals. Good morals in thinking, word and deed makes a person strong. You can not break truth and good morals make for truth.
Prince Charles does not have a good track record in morals; he has too many chinks in his armour and the Devil could get to him.

In the way past there were English Kings that were such hedonistic debauchees. The public now would have none of that. How times have changed. The man on the street has more power, the power of the spoken and written word.

We can not say any unkind words about Queen Elizabeth (Maybe she is protected – but protected by who – are there dark arts protecting her?).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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