I Saw the MOVIE “UNBROKEN” (Snakes and the Dragon Throne)

I went to this movie relishing high expectations. But like anything in this world we expect too much and it was the same for this movie I expected too much. But the movie still has about a 7 out of 10 for me because even though I wanted more I still liked the movie. Why did I expect more? because like the movie “The Railway Man” I had already read the book so I knew all the intimate details about “Unbroken” in the book and only saw say about half or even less than half of these details in the movie. Movies can not cover all the material in the book. I suppose in the case of both movies “The Railway Man” and “Unbroken” I would say I enjoyed the books more. That does not mean the movies are bad it’s just that the books cover more detail.

I like reading biographies and autobiographies I seldom read any other type of book. I hardly ever read novels. I love books based on true life and the same for movies I relish movies based on truth life. Thats true stories based around a person.

War brings the best and the worst out in people. In “Unbroken” we see the Japanese at their worst. Worst in this case is often leaning towards sadism. What is it about true Asians and their innate hate for the White Man? The true asian is the one having all its ancestors bred within just asian people. We are here talking about the true asian the one seemingly having their own true trait of the slant eyes – to me they are the dangerous ones. Japan up to the 1930’s seemingly had not been influenced much by christianity and even today Japan seems to have shunned in muchness christianity. Japan does not have many christians.

Then why do I or did I see predominantly the snake in Asian people’s eyes? I could be crazy. I could be a basket case. I really saw the snake. Now this snake was not in all Asians, but still it was in a lot of Asians. When I was younger in my late 20’s and 30’s I definitely saw the snake; then my human spirit inside me was really on fire for God. And people say they do not believe in God – what a lot of rubbish these non believers talk and write, complete tripe.
Now there are plenty of Asian christians – no they do not have the snake, well I hope not. Many Asians to me are saved. But the snake deity is mainly Asian bodied. It makes me think about the Dragon. To me the Dragon lords it over the snakes and I think the Dragon is Asian bodied.

The Dragon and snakes given a chance will be very sadistic to anyone belonging to the family of God.

China seems to be now the home of the Dragon throne. I could be wrong. Has the Dragon set up home now in China? I mean here the Dragon has access to nuclear weapons. Japan was a loser and was humbled by the West but China is powerful. The Dragon might think of having another go, this time through China, to humble Gods children. “Put Gods children against a wall and shoot them”.
The Dragon Throne may have never left Asia but may have just moved around Asia.

But the non believers may think I am in la la land – but non believers are useless when it comes to light forces fighting the dark forces. The real workers in life are those who have made a commitment to one side or the other – fight for good or bad / not sit on the fence. Of course the fools side with evil and the wise side with good. The 3 wise men sought out the baby Jesus and it goes on to this present day – wise men (and women) seek out Jesus.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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