Book: “Greatest Traitor” – The Secret Lives of Agent George Blake. Author: Roger Hermiston.

Just finished reading this book. A riveting read. An Interesting and informative read.

“What were you thinking George? I mean you gave away the names of many many West spies who no doubt were liquidated (killed) by the KGB. George was a Christian who valued Christ’s teachings. George even was known to quote the Bible to justify his actions. But George equated communism as a way of life that Christ sanctioned. George in his later life (late 80yrs old) still believed in the good of communism but he said that it was not the fault of communism that led to its fall the fault lay in people who were not moral enough. George goes on to say that in the way future communism will return.

JESUS, true, was a man about commune, communion, communication. George said the Soviets went about communism wrongly they should not have used force. I say the KGB used terror. George said that for communism to work it has to use the principle “Love your neighbour as yourself”. George obviously was misguided in thinking the Soviets were playing in to the hand of God. One of Georges own grown up sons gives us more sight in to George – this son is a vicar in England. The book tells of George in his early life toying with the idea of a career in the Church. George was given a prison sentence in England of 42 years. Why such a long sentence? I believe it was because George caused the deaths of many people. George escaped from prison and lives in Russia. Many West spies working for the Soviets (double agents) who escaped to Russia hated living in (Soviet Union) Russia. These spies missed the English pubs and English society in general. So some of these traitors turned to vodka.

The other side (pasture) was not greener after all.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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