A 16 year old boy gets top academic prize in Western Australia. But is this fair? The boy says he seldom does any homework. Teachers in my young student days were often giving us heaps I mean heaps of homework – it was miserable; I mean studying all day then go home each night and do about 2 hours of homework //// yet our wonder 16 yr old boy seldom did any homework YET gets top academic prize in Western Australia – Is this all fair? Academia has a lot to answer for. This top student also says “the only time I really studied at home was a few days before tests and exams”. I still remember teachers in my youth pushing for us young students to do plenty I mean plenty of homework. What a sham this young 16 year old top student has made of education and it’s learning models. A student who hardly works get top honours and he’s top just because he’s highly intelligent. So it comes down to intelligence little else. But a lot of people are born low intelligence so they have a miserable time at schooling. The high intelligent do not care that the low intelligent struggle with learning – who cares? I do. God gives intelligence but man has corrupted his use of intelligence to glory man not God. Ability which is intelligence is to be used for a God calling. But man glories in himself apart from God. Who needs this God? All good things come from God above.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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