Education is about getting qualifications. Qualifications is about getting work. Work is about getting money. Money is about buying things.

From a very young age children have to go to school. I mean it’s the law that every child attends school until a certain age; but is this a law or is it just an accepted regulation of Government; I don’t know. I do know that there are truancy officers employed by Government to seek out truant children and get them back in to attending school.

I did not like school or college. At primary school I liked some of the games we played like soccer but the intellectual side did not appease me much. I averaged out at primary school, did all the requirements and passed, but not with any distinctions or accolades.
I saw at school a fine distinction between two different sets of people. Ok there were three sets of people. One the higher achievers, two the average achievers and third the poor achievers. I may have been average at achieving, just managing to pass. I was somewhat envious of the high achievers; they seemed to live on a different part of the planet; they were different; they were the elite the high intelligent students. So I saw this thing intelligence and I did not understand it. I could not understand why I was not highly intelligent and why was I a low to average intelligence. I wanted to be of high intelligence because I saw that the high intelligent students were the ones who got the high grades and they seemed to be treated with respect by the teachers. The teachers were the raj at school, the teachers were the gods, they called the shots. The intelligent students got on well with the teachers; the teachers had time for these intelligentsia students. The high intelligent students were way up there with the raj teachers. The low to average intelligent students were just tolerated by the teachers. The low to average intelligent students struggled with their studies; to some of them the whole learning process was an institutionalised nightmare. The intelligentsia students were the teachers pets. Teachers loved it when the intelligentsia achieved. The intelligentsia students were given the school responsible tasks; they were given the school student leadership jobs.
At college one student said to me “See that student over there, he does not study for exams much, he might only study for exams a few days before the exams yet he gets very high marks in his exams”. Me I studied for exams say weeks before the exams, I struggled to cram in the knowledge and I still was a dismal failure at the exams. All this about intelligent students flying through their studies and exams without much ado certainly riles me up and makes me think “What really is going on here; is this all fair?”.

So why are people given different measures of intelligence? The atheist will say “Intelligence came from my parents”. Maybe so, but where did the parents get the intelligence? Oh from their parents. So how is intelligence inherited? I mean how does it happen? “In the genes” you might say. Is it fair that Johnny flies through his schooling days while Fred struggles a lot to get through. I mean Fred could turn out to be mentally scarred for life after his schooling. Fred may in adult life have to go to a shrink to face all his school demons. “Demons” you might say “are not at schools, schools are havens where children are safe”. So teachers are all saints and children are all lovey dovey. Be real – students like any children can be absolute monsters. Hitler was a monster and he went to school. So at school we are in this safe haven, we think it’s safe; but this school is where the future despots, rapists, bullies and murderers come from. And let us not forget the teachers they are no saints and some might be (during school time) looking at pornography on their computer tablets. We are psyched up as children to think schools and colleges are places of safety and virtue. And we are psyched up as children to think education at these schools/colleges is very normal; I mean so normal that if there is a God (I believe in Almighty God) then God would send his Son to a school/college (The Bible says “JESUS CHRIST was never schooled”). Schooling has been very much a tradition for many centuries. School is a tradition that has been engrained in the minds of mankind. Education is a ticket to a job and a job gives you money. Education is about money and the more money you get the more freedom you get. Money frees you. They say “Knowledge is power” but knowledge really is about getting money and money is the power.

I sometimes reflect about a persons God called vocation. Yes I see people have a vocation, call it a calling if you like, but I see this calling in my mind, in my thoughts. This calling is from God. Most people I reflect on about their true callings are not in their God callings but are in vocations of their own doing apart from God. And most people hate their jobs. I see the high intelligent people are also likely to fall in to the trap of missing out on their God calling. You see the high intelligent people do well at schooling and they usually go to university they get a degree or a few degrees and/or very high degrees then they go for the money. Yes the money. Some go for humanitarian jobs like doctors but money is still a motive here. High intelligent students like the status jobs too. Status jobs are the money jobs. Doctors get paid a lot. But doctors help mankind a lot.

So I see a person; they might have a university degree, they might be in a very high paid job with lots of responsibility but I see VANITY here too. Vanity is with most people. Why do you think mankind has many mirrors to look in to. One of the first things a person does each morning before going to work is to look in the mirror. We humans are so very vain. I am too. Vanity means people push their own agenda apart from Gods agenda. So we have most people trying to fit in to vocations that they do not fit in to. They know they hate their job but they put on an outer look of satisfaction. It’s HYPOCRISY. It’s all a mask. The man working in his vain job, his important well paid job, it looks good but his wife sees the real husband, the vain and hypocritical husband and likewise the husband sees his vain and hypocritical wife. They both live a lie. They try to keep their lie to themselves and few find out the truth, few see through these peoples masks. Hypocrites have to keep their masks up day and night. Only the spouses and children know the real husband/wife/parents. BUT illness kicks in. The heart can just take so much working in the wrong field. The wrong field is wrong you are not working in the field given to you by God. Sowing, reaping, harvesting, weeding all done in another’s mans/woman’s field. The owner might one day kick you out of his field. While you are in the wrong field you are nothing but a servant. In your own field you are like an owner.

“Vanities of vanity” says the wise man/woman.

So it’s all a paradox. The world is a paradox; it is not what it really should be; it’s a sham.

So in my reflections on people’s true vocations I find people just look foolish because they are not really what they should be. It all looks stupid. These vain people boast about their vocations, the money they get, the good they do, the accolades they have received, the university degrees they have achieved — BUT MOST IS JUST VANITY; all to be burned up on the LAST DAY.

You might say “How do I find Gods vocation?”. Good question. To me I see it is so very hard for most people to find out what is ones true vocation. You can not find that true vocation with your own understanding and most of the understanding from school, college and university won’t help you find your true vocation.

To find true vocation one must always tell the truth, never lie. All truth is simple. So one must live a very simple life; free of distractions, free of idols, and keep away from the sins of the flesh. The flesh can make one dark in the soul. Spirit is light so feed your spirit light from Gods Spirit. Keep in the truth. Confess your sins to God. Don’t love money. Work with your hands. Be kind to others. Pull off your mask and show your true self. Don’t hide from God but pray to him often. Read the Bible frequently. Life is not always easy, life is often hard. Help others. Respect your parents. Hold your parents in higher honour than yourself. You should start young to find out what your true vocation is before “Mans” understanding (Humanism) kicks in. Remember the vocation that you have found out at a young age and when in later life, money, youthful passions, status and idols creep in to your life try at an early adult age to have the courage to get in to your true vocation. Your true vocation will be the “simple truth”. If you are looking for true simple vocation in complexness you won’t find it. If you wrap yourselves up in knotty complexness in your mind/heart you will have to unravel this knottiness and get back to simplicity.

The Catholic nun might say “Education frees you”. During the Second World War the Nazis put “Work frees you” signs above the front entrance of a few concentration camps. But what sort of freedom is the nun speaking about? The nun is thinking of freedom from poverty. But here are we speaking about poverty of mind/soul or poverty of physical body. The nun might attribute poverty of mind/soul with poverty in a physical sense. Catholics are great ones about schooling. Catholics have many schools, colleges and universities. So education is about making money. It’s ALL about MONEY. Poverty for the catholic nun is about money. The Nazis said “Work frees you”. But did work free the incarcerated Jews in the concentration camps? No no no. Does education free you? No no no. The average Joe would say “Money frees you”; like you can buy your freedom with money. So MONEY is the GOD; even the God of this Catholic nun. The church is a lot about money. The Vatican is about money.

It would all make sense all this education thing if lots of people were in their God called vocation but alas few people are in their true calling. Most people are in the wrong vocation so there is a lot of education with its accolades that are vain; it all looks foolish.

The Catholic nun says “Education frees you”; the Nazis said “Work frees you”; someone else might say “Money frees you”; BUT I say “WISDOM of JESUS CHRIST frees you”. The Catholic nun might say “Education leads to money”. This nun is religious yet the true religious would make a vow of poverty before God and live for Spirit not for materialism. The true religious does not live for money, wealth or materialism. Mankind rapes the world, the earth, the mother, the wife, creation, Mother Nature – to get rich. The world’s people are besotted with money. The world’s people rape the earth; take take take from Mother Nature but give very little back. Mother Nature is raped often. Man wants to get rich but it is at the expense of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is expected by mankind to be a whore; but this whore gets very little in return.

Education in the wrong way can be just an IDOL. Education used in the way of true vocation can be useful. Education has become an idol. People glorify themselves in education. Intelligence is a tool used by people to educate themselves for vocations. These vocations are often not true to people and such people therefore live out their lives wearing masks.

King Solomon speaks about “Vanity of vanities”; so a lot of mankind’s achievements are filthy rags. You do not want to be wearing filthy rags when you are called to your Maker God in the End Times. Prepare in advance to meet your Maker; make good preparations; be wise. Do not bury your true vocation in the ground/soil. If you can not find your true vocation at least work at trying to find it.

In most cases your true vocation will be plain simple; simple for you because you will find the vocation simple to do. Your true vocation is simple because your mind/soul/spirit will find it simple. To those other people in their own other true vocations they will see your true vocation as complex (but those other people in their true vocations will find their own vocations simple). So if you find your vocation complex you are probably in the wrong vocation. Simplicity is NOT evil. Simplicity is definitely of God. So if everyone was in their true vocations, they will see only their own vocation in simplicity and they will see all the other vocations as complex. Complex is hard. Simple is easy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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