There are NATURAL foods and drinks and there are UNNATURAL foods and drinks.


GOD made food and drink is natural. Man made food and drink is unnatural.

What for example is natural food and drink? Figs, oranges, apples, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, coconuts, tomatoes, pears, silver beet, avocado, milk, water, etc etc getting the idea of what is God made food.

What for example is unnatural foods and drinks? Any food and drink where “man” interferes in the makeup of the food and drinks. Examples are: French fries, hamburgers. French fries are not say grown on a tree. French fries are a product made by “man”. All natural foods have no additives in. Unnatural is: all sugar drinks. Water and milk can be natural straight from the cow etc or from the rain or river. Unnatural is: all tinned food that has been through a process; all cakes and biscuits, ice cream. Cakes etc do not come naturally but are made by “man”. So natural is straight nature where nothing is added or taken away and such usually naturally grows and has been ordained by God.

Yes we can drink straight natural water, we can get the water say straight from rain water. You can get milk from the cows from the farmer. Fruit is in plentiful in the countryside where it grows natural. Chickens and fish can be obtained straight from the farm and the sea or river.

I do not eat much red meat now a days. I do not have a problem with people eating red meat. My decision here yes is for health reasons but it is based on my perception rather than on facts.

Very few people eat and drink la natural because most people go to the supermarket to buy just about all their food and drink. Supermarkets sell mostly unnatural foods and drinks. Yes there is natural there but not a whole lot.

If you live on a farm you are better able to get to natural foods and drink. But most people now a days live in cities and towns.

So most people are unnatural living people. Unnatural is to be perverted. Our bodies are perverted by what we eat and drink. We pervert ourselves with unholy foods and drinks. Man made is so unholy. Our bodies are unholy temples. We feed our bodies unholy food and drink. God is Holy and his food and drink are holy. We are perverted because we turn away from what is natural to what is unnatural.

So EAT a pear straight from the tree. EAT a carrot from the ground. EAT some peanuts from a tree. EAT some fish straight from the sea. DRINK some plain rain water. Do your body a goodness. Eat God made not man made.

God gave you intestines, don’t abuse them with unnatural foods and drinks.


There are few regular Joes and Mary’s now a days. Who is really full on regular now a days?

See you at the supermarket.

P.s. Of course cooking foods is ok. And pasteurising milk is ok.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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