The Asians from their community club house over the road are making a noise today. Some Asian celebration day no doubt unless they were just training for a future day. They had two teams of boys with poles holding up a long dragon. They were swaying the dragon side to side and up and down, the boys moving the poles in unison.

I say Asians you can keep your Dragon. And please keep the Dragon away from me. I see and I know. It’s no fluke that Asians put the Dragon on a pedestal; such has been done for thousands of years. The Dragon is the Asians entity that they look to for protection. The Dragon is a spiritual entity. The Dragon no doubt uses an Asian body for its home. The snakes worship the Dragon. The snakes are spiritual entities too.

In time of war the Devils (the snakes) will be so sadistic to Gods’s people. I mean very sadistic. Snakes will enjoy the suffering of God’s people. Snakes hate and they also hate and kill their own. The Dragon and snakes rule with fear; there is no love here.

Hitler ruled with fear. The nazis were evil. There was no love in Hitler and his nazis. But what spiritual entity entered Hitler? Was it the false prophet? Prophets are known for ranting and raving and Hitler certainly raved and ranted.

Where fear rules; Satan is in residence.

In my older youth I regularly saw the spiritual snake entity looking at me from people’s eyes. Now these snake people were mostly of Asian race but I did see some snakes in other races too. The true Asian who was a pedigree Asian and had no known inter marrying with other races and had the slant eyes usually was the snake. But I could be wrong.

You don’t trust these snake children in time of war. You can trade with them but they can just as easily turn against you when there is war.

The false prophet is not working for God. Prophets have insight and they are very spiritually strong. Prophets act like spokemen; they have a gift for speaking (or writing). Prophets like to get a following. Prophets like to manipulate people with words.

The Japanese were like sadists to God’s people during the second world war. There was no mercy from the Asian Japanese. Snakes have no mercy. Satan has no mercy. The snake can act like a friend but they are not true friends because the snake can not love of God.

Can snakes be converted to CHRIST? I don’t know. But there are many Asian Christians in this world. These Asian Christians are in the church, the body of Christ. So we have many Asian people who are not snakes but are in Christ. So that is a mystery.

I was working with a white man once and I distinctly saw the snake in his eyes. I saw a big snake this time. I confronted him about it. He said we put christians like you against a wall and shoot them. Of course he was not going to do it. It was all talk. Then he told me about a time when he knew something like a bad spirit had entered his body. I thought about this man. His wife was not a snake. His wife was one of God’s people, I could see that. But what interested me was that his grown up daughter had snake eyes. And she had white coloured skin like her father and mother, she even had blonde hair. I considered all this and concluded that the spirit entity that masters a person comes not from the mother but from the father.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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