ITS STRANGE – how we go to strangers (false gods) to find enlightenment

It’s STRANGE. I mean how people treat God. God sends His Son in to the world. God chose JESUS to be His WISDOM. Yet we get people going to all sorts of strange men and women to get wisdom. I watched a TV programme where a man travelled to India to seek the meaning of life. I mean India impoverished of God; poverty everywhere in heart, mind and body. India a nest of demons. Indians with darkened minds and hearts yet white westerners educated by “man” think it’s clever to seek the meaning of life in India. I think white westerners like going to the ashrams in India and the only meaning of life for them is being able to have free love and that means unfaithfulness to their God and every god. Westerners lap up the Indian gurus teachings on free love. So the meaning of life for some is just about being a jerk and having a guru teach it’s alright being a jerk.

Christianity is the only religion where one does not have to forfeit their brains at the door before going in. I mean christianity is a lot about the brains. Christianity is about the head. And also the body but the head is given preference over the body, the head is in charge of the body, the head reins supreme over the body. JESUS is the head of heads. Without JESUS there is very little use of the head. JESUS is the brains. God is the brains. Jesus in mind in head should be the governing authority. Minds of JESUS are the minds of true authority. Only JESUS Christ is the true wisdom, no other. The mind of JESUS is the wisdom of Jesus and is the wisdom of God the creator of the universe. All minds not minds of Jesus Christ are not wise of God the almighty. Most religions are not of the LIGHTENED HEAD but are heads/minds of darkness; only the mind/head of Jesus is light. Jesus Christ is the light, no other. True enlightenment ONLY comes through JESUS Christ. Hindu gods (idols) will not give light. Christianity is the only religion of true light.

Jesus Christ is not strange. Or he should not be. True Christians are not strangers. Strangers are unGodly and worship false gods. False gods are strange.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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