“Be clean” JESUS Christ said, and the man’s sins were forgiven and washed away. Sin is about dirtiness. Sin is about darkness. God is about cleanliness. God is about purity. Being pure is being clean. Dirty thoughts are sinful thoughts. Being Holy is being clean. Clean mind, clean human spirit and clean body. Cleanliness means good health. Being clean is being wise. Good mental health means keeping clean pure holy thoughts. Dirty thoughts leads to bad mental health. Keeping clean physically means keeping good physical health. Keeping clean physically lessens the likelihood of catching infectious diseases etc. Jesus said “Be clean” and the man was made well. Sin brings on bad health mentally and physically.

Being poor in money or material things does not mean you have to live dirty. Water can be found in most places. Water cleans. Dirty people in many cases choose to be dirty. Water is not expensive in most places. Oh yes some places are short of water. But it does not take much money to say clean ones house with water. Water falls from the sky.

Poor people can keep clean.

There is usually no excuse for people in not keeping clean.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness – is true.
Poor people, rich people; all can keep clean.
So keeping clean is not about money.
Poor people in India can keep clean. Poor people in most places can keep clean.

But where we see dirty people we usually see unGodly people.

Demons love dirty minds. Demons love dirty thoughts. Demons love sin. Sin is being dirty. Demons live with dirty people.

Dirtiness is next to unGodliness.

So we need good mental health and we need good physical health – And all such means being CLEAN.

Jesus Christ is ALL clean. God is ALL clean. Dirt likes the darkness. People who are dirty like to stay in the dark, they do not want people seeing their dirtiness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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