So why are the mentally ill people discriminated against? The mentally ill are (metaphorically) pushed against a wall and pinned to the wall. Yes we get a form of stigmatising. In stigmata I think of some of the former Roman Catholic saints; yes a few were stigmatised. These saints had weeping blood coming from wounds in both their hands and feet. But what is this stigmatising of the mentally ill? Surely the mentally ill are not being treated in similar ways that these saints were treated.

Are the mentally ill really taking in to their bodies the sins of others? I mean JESUS was the key stigmata; he was pinned by his feet and hands to a cross. JESUS in his stigmata took the sins of the world, that’s your sins and my sins and every other people’s filthy sins. We in body and head are part of a greater body and head. All humans are really one. There are two main (spiritual) bodies in the human race, God’s body (JESUS as Head) and Satan’s body; the rest are somewhere between, maybe they are living in the wild (maybe in no man’s land). In our bodies and heads we are aligned and coordinated through a spiritual and soul dimension that is collective. We can call it collective or universal. I will call it universal. The universal (God’s) church, the universal body, the universal tree. I don’t speak for Satan’s body (church) and I don’t speak for those outside in the wild. So are the mentally ill just byproducts of the sickness in the whole universal tree and is this sickness binding to many not just the fallen few. I mean the perpetrators of mental illness don’t necessary have to fall victim to mental illness but may cause mental illness to fall on others. I am saying that the victims of mental illness could carry the sins of others thus they are like JESUS being stigmatised. JESUS nailed to a cross to carry the sins of the people of the world and dying to these sins thus cleansing the universal body getting it ready for the higher calling of God. Everyone in the universal body and head are relational. We relate in thought, word and deed. In this body we have to get on together just as the cells in a body have to get on. In a body we get radical cells just as in life we get radical people. Radicals can be overcome in the body. We start with words, words go on to thoughts, thoughts go on to spoken words. Words can be radical. Thoughts can be radical. If we control our thoughts (in words) we can control radicals. Radicals are dangerous to the universal body. Radicals can kill the good cells (good thoughts, good words, good deeds). We must watch our thoughts. The mentally ill are stigmatised; we all own up to that; but stigmatisation involves we putting our sins on that stigmatised part of the body and letting that body part with sins die. We dump our rubbish on other people. The mentally ill can often just be the victims of mental illness and not be the perpetrators of mental illness.

The Roman Catholic saints that were stigmatised wanted to take in to their bodies the sins of others. The saints wanted to help others. These saints thought that they could love more and help others more if they accepted other people’s sins. This was what JESUS did so these saints wanted to follow JESUS example and take the sins of the world. Such is all noble gesture and of course these saints suffered, I mean really suffered, they suffered spiritually and physically. These saints wanted to prove to God that they loved him. These saints to me went too far. These saints did not live long, a lot died in their early life. These saints tried to be like JESUS. But JESUS is God and these saints were/are not God. But these saints did help other people. Now I do not really know if accepting other people’s sins and sicknesses in to your body is God’s will. I personally would not advise doing such things. So are the mentally ill forced in to their stigmata? JESUS was forced in to his stigmata. But stigmata for JESUS was God’s will.

The universal church body suffers and the universal church body is stigmatised. Our sins stigmatise the universal church body. But the body is not one cell, not one person BUT millions and millions of cells and of people. This stigmatised universal church body has to die to the sinful old nature getting it ready to receive glory in the highest. We are all culpable in this death to the old nature, we in this body all die but we all live. We die to live. If one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers. If one part of the body has mental illness the whole body has mental illness. The whole universal church body has mental illness. No one in this body is exempt from stigmata. We are all stigmatised. We each saint of the universal church body carry the death and risen body of JESUS Christ inside us. We each saint in the universal church body carry the stigmatised and risen JESUS Christ in each of us.

Anybody without sin can cast the first stones.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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