Mental illness – the lurgy of the lurgies. When someone says that they have a mental illness it seems everyone blames that mentally ill person for their mental illness. It’s like you have a mental illness and its your fault that you have this illness. There is a big guilt trip put on the mentally ill person.

The real reason that people scorn the mentally ill IS wait for it IS because those who seem of sound mind are really having there own mental issues. It’s just that a lot of people do not admit they are having mental health issues. So it’s about not putting ones hand up and saying I am having mind issues. So it’s just shut up and keep going, persevere, life is hard, battle on. There’s the ones that have psychotic episodes and they definitely need say hospitalisation and they are like ostracised by the so called sound minded people. Most people coming back from wars have mental scars and most of them just get on with it. The two world wars produced a lot of mentally scarred people as did the Vietnam and Korean wars. Every soldier and sailor and airman in war gets battle scars to their minds. Killing people or trying to kill people gives one mental scars. So it’s just get on with it we all suffer in one way or another. No employer wants to hear about a employees mental illness. It’s like get lost go away. Life in this world in the workforce is like being on a treadmill, one that does not stop. Workers when going on their annual holidays keep on the treadmill. Workers never come off the treadmill. The workers go on holidays but in their minds and bodies they do not come to a quiet stillness. So if someone comes down with mental illness it’s just bad luck for that person we just have to struggle on in our jobs, jobs we hate, getting up early in the morning we hate, we dislike the bosses at work, we hate the low wages, we hate not getting promoted at work, the fellow employees drive us up the wall etc.

So the mentally ill are like the fallen. Employers hate employing the mentally ill, hey we are not a charity. Work is about MONEY, we do not want to employ liabilities. The mentally ill then feel guilty, it seems it’s their fault they are ill. A lot of mental illness is not understood. Doctors, scientists, do not understand mental illness. Medication is prescribed but a lot is not known of how this medication works for mental illness. The experts talk about dopamine but really little is known about the workings of the brain and mental illness so when medication does help they just go along with that. I mean not long ago doctors performed lobotomies on the mentally ill. A lobotomy is like shoving hard a sharp rod (I think of a pick ax) through the nose in to the brain. This kind of surgery is akin to the medical practices in the past of blood letting. Shock treatment to me is also draconion and needs to be put on the shelf as out dated and cruel. Even today shock treatment is used.

The mentally ill are confused because they do not understand their illness BUT the truth is most or all people are in the same boat they also do not understand mental illness. And doctors and scientists don’t understand mental illness. AND there is no guaranteed cures for mental illness other than drugs that somehow keep the illness under some semblances of control but such not fully understood.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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