But what son wants to be like his father? Sons trying to out do their fathers. Sons not liking being subject to their fathers. Sons wanting to be free from the authority of their fathers. The father should be more honoured than the son. But the son wants the honour apart from the father. The father wants respect from the son. The son wants to do his own thing without seeking approval from the father. The son rebelling against the fathers will.

Recently I was on the phone talking to my father. Dad lives in New Zealand but physical distance is no barrier to our relationship. I talk to dad about once a month. When we talk we talk up to maybe an hour, maybe a bit longer. What do you talk about you may say? Believe me we have plenty to talk about. Dad is a encyclopaedia of knowledge; he really knows a lot. But what stands out to me is his visionary thinking. Dad sees the future in terms of real possible out comes. I like dad’s visionary thinking and I too think this way. Dad and I perceive the future because we see beyond the skin deep thinking of shallow minded people who just focus on man made idols, we instead see beyond the physical man made we see truth through God made. Focussing on idols will not give true understanding. Understanding comes when ones spirit is wise. But there is a wisdom of the world and a wisdom of God. Man’s wisdom is about man and his own endeavours apart from God. God’s wisdom is through JESUS Christ.

So here I was talking on the phone to my father. I am now thinking dad and I are now thinking very closely together. It’s like dad and I think a like. I am considering my relationship with my dad as one that is equal but is still separate. It’s like I am becoming like dad in my thinking. Don’t think of the physical looks. Dad and I are not the exact same in outside looks. For example I have blonde coloured hair and dad has brown coloured hair. But I am coming to the conclusion that I am growing in spirit and thinking to be like my father. It is as if dad is in me and I am in dad. It is as if dad and I are meant to be the same in our thoughts. Dad is 93 years old and still going strong. It’s like dad is living on and on and on. Maybe there will come a time in my chats with dad that I will think like one with dad. In my past relationship with dad there has been like my rough edges getting smoothed. Dad seemed to always have the upper hand. Dad was the one more in control. My so called rough edges are now smoothing all out. I am becoming a mature wise man. Dad will leave me soon but he will be still with me; maybe I will become the person dad thinks like in fullness.

A lot of young men will contest such a theory that the son becomes like the father. Sons compete against their fathers. Sons never happy with what they have. Sons thinking they know better than their fathers. Sons not honouring their fathers. I mean the father is such a sinner. The father does not love me much. The father does not give me much. The father and son always on separate paths. But the true way for the son to become like the father is the way of true simplicity. The way of the Devil will confound and confuse the son. The world is not about wanting the son to be like the father. Satan uses many tricks up his sleeve to deceive the sons. Satan for example uses his women to lead the sons away from the father.

Do you sons love God and your fathers? Or sons have you come home but still have not fully reconciled with your fathers and God. Maybe you still want to play with the harlots a practice you did when you left home or maybe you have never got over having left home. The stay at home sons in dad’s heart with God who never left God and home can help the prodigal sons who return to the bosom of the father and God. Some prodigals that come home never settle down.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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