Humans – Are we a concept conceived at conception?

A concept – a thought, an idea, a notation.

Are we humans conceived at conception in to a concept? Did we exist as a thought (concept) before the conception or only after the conception? Were we a concept (thought) in the father and mother before conception? We were birthed as a thought (concept); maybe we were not a thought before conception. Conception is birthing the thought (concept). We may have existed in thought before conception. I do not know.

Jesus was birthed in conception but Jesus existed before conception. Jesus was and is now; Jesus always was and always existed with the Father. If Jesus existed before physical conception does this then give sway that we humans also existed before our natural physical conception. Did we exist in the spiritual/soul before physical conception? But we do not know.

The Roman Catholics say Jesus was born of the Immaculate Conception. Mary the mother of Jesus they say was sinless.
So at conception we get a concept, we get a thought; one thought then goes on to many thoughts and it goes on. Jesus was born clean, sinless. Was the concept of Jesus an unclean concept (thought)? The concept to be conceived can be dirty or clean. Jesus was and is clean. The Father and mother having a clean concept, two concepts joining, two clean concepts joining making a one clean concept. Concepts are thoughts. Jesus was not a dirty concept.
Was Mary a clean concept? Did Mary have dirty thoughts? Was Mary clean? Was Mary Immaculately clean?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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