Intelligence sometimes goes beyond what is simple focus. Intelligence can be so abstract at times that we lose contact with reality.

So there is concrete thinking and abstract thinking. People say we start out with concrete thinking and move on to abstract thinking in our early teens.
In art there is abstract art and there is realism art. Realism art is supposably linked to concrete thoughts. Then there is simple and complex thinking.

People think you are clever if you are a complex abstract thinker. But such is like “Up in the air” and can be “Airy fairy”. Such thoughts are not anchored to anything solid. Whereas concrete thoughts are anchored to tangible articles. But people might say we first build with the concrete and then build in other material on top of the concrete. What is this other material? Is this other building material invisible? Is abstract invisible? But invisible – is it reality? You might say God is invisible and we of course can build in the invisible. But Jesus Christ is God the Son and he came in the physical (concrete thought) and rose in to heaven above in the physical (concrete thought). I hope humans in building in the invisible are not copying what happened in the children’s story about the “Emperor who had no clothes on”. The Emperor believed he had clothes on, because he was told this but it was not true he had no clothes on – not in the physical. So the abstract thinker builds in the invisible kidding themselves that they are really building but they are not. So the abstract thinker is like this Emperor he/she is without clothes (without substance). So is the abstract thinker really helping society?

Is God abstract or is God concrete. Jesus when he resurrected asked doubting Thomas to touch his side. Thomas touched flesh. Flesh is real not abstract. Is God complex or simplex? God is invisible in the Father but Jesus Christ the Son was visible and will show up again in the physical when the Father God is ready.
I think God is SIMPLEX not complex. I think God is a realist not an abstract.

Humans think they are so clever – and many are. But God is all clever. The simplex out wits the complex. The realist lives life in the real. We must stay focussed on ONE.

If God is abstract then we humans can interpret God the way we each want. It’s like this with abstract art – with abstract art we each interpret this art any way we like. But if God is concrete then we take God literally, God then needs no interpretation God is straightforward simple truth. But God does use metaphors and analogies to explain his truths. God definitely is not an abstract to me. I take God literally but I also read between the lines and I also let metaphors and analogies teach me. You might say God is like a puff of wind, he is not anchored to tangible. God is Spirit and Spirit is like the wind. But God in Spirit lives in a body, a physical body, human bodies. We human elect of God are that body; God lives in the ELECT. God therefore must be concrete. God has a physical body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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