ATHEISM – a farse

Atheism is a denial of God.

Atheists (some) spend a lot of their time trying to prove God does not exist.
I ask the question; why do atheists deny a God that does not exist (in their minds and hearts)? If God does not exist why spend time denying a non existent God. Case dismissed.

Theists believe in God but they do not in mass try and prove that God exists. Theists do try and convert souls to God. But the theist does not need to argue the case that God exists because theists take it for natural that God exists; what the theist does do is save souls in the name of Jesus Christ. To the Theist Jesus Christ is real and lives so the Theist passes on the salvation message of Jesus Christ in very simple terms and quoting scripture. Theism is not about arguing the existence of God; theism is saving souls through Jesus. Jesus saves the souls we just tell people about Jesus; we refer people to the Bible. Evangelism is not about proving the existence of God. God will save those souls he wants.

Atheism should not be about denying God because in the atheists mind and heart there is no God to deny. Why waste time and effort denying a non existent God.
What the atheist is trying to do in denying God is that they are trying to deny God to themselves, a God that won’t go away. God is in our sleep, God is in ourselves, God is everywhere, so the atheist has a full time job trying to deny a God that is like in their face day and night. The last denial of God for the atheist is when the atheist dies and goes before God and the atheist denies God before his face. But will the atheist deny God before His face?

Anti God and anti religion are maybe two different things. I mean some see religion as stifling and controlling. Religion can be looked at as just the rituals and man made rules and regulations. The Old Testament is full of rituals and rules and regulations. All rules, rituals etc make for a complex religion. BUT God is not complex. Nor is God complicated nor is God confusing. God is very very straightforward. God is not complex but is a God of simplicity. There are no burdens from God. Religion with its rules, rituals etc is burdensone. Religious manmade rules etc weighs people down. Religion of this world is COMPLEX. But God is SIMPLEX. Man makes complex, God makes simplex. Is God in the rules and rituals? He used to be in the Old Testament but we have a New Testament, the old will is just that old and discarded, we have a NEW WILL. The new will is not about rules etc but about love. Rules do not get one to heaven. Complex does not get one to heaven. God is not trying to complicate or confuse people. Look to God in simplicity. All truth is Simple. Simple truth not complex truth. If you look for God in complexness you won’t find God.

Atheists maybe saying they are really not anti God but are anti man made religion. Atheists maybe are saying we do not deny God but we deny the religion of rules and rituals. Rituals can be very man made. Rules can be very man made.

The Jews are about rules and rituals BUT the Jews are living the OLD WILL. The Jews can not be saved by rules and rituals. The old will does not save. Or is apostle Paul speaking lies.

But then there are the atheists that deny both God and religion. At least the agnostics are willing to say that God is not proved or not disapproved.

Why be an atheist, why not just be called a non believer? Atheist sounds like anti God. Why be anti God? Why not just accept that believers in God have that choice to believe in God. Atheists seem to want to spend their energies on arguing that God does not exist. Why preach anti God? Why not accept believers. People have the right to believe what they like; it’s called FREE WILL. God gave free will to the human race. Atheists are preaching no God. Non believers just accept free will. Atheists are working against believers who preach salvation from God. Atheists are non believers who want to preach Godlessness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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