Man is the head, woman is the heart.
Man is head of the woman, God is head of the man.
Man submits to God, woman submits to man.
Man wears short hair to glorify the head, woman wears long hair to glorify man.

Jesus is the Head, the church is the body.
Jesus loves the church as man loves his wife.
The woman is the mother.
The mother church, the mother land, the Mother Earth.
The mother is the land where the seeds are sown.
The seed comes from the man.
Man sows seed physically and spiritually.
Seed is sperm and also the living words.
God sows seed of living words.
The Father God and the Son God both sow seeds.
Both Father and Son God sow the Holy Spirit.
The Mother Earth accepts the seeds and from the seeds grow forth life.
The seed in the earth dies and the new plant grows upwards.
A lot of life has to grow upwards.
The new plant life grows towards the light.
God is light.
We want to go towards the light.
We can never grow if we do not grow towards the light.
God is above.
The Father God and Son God are above.
We grow towards God.
The mother gives us nourishment. Earth gives nourishment. Mother Earth.
We put our roots in to the mother.
We grow upwards (to the light above) and we grow downwards (our roots go down in to the Mother Earth).
We need both mother and father to grow.
We are human spirit. We must in spirit learn the wisdom of God.
Our own father gave the seed to our mother and we were planted in the soil and we grow up and below, we deepen our relationship with the mother and the father. We need both father and mother to grow and mature properly.
The mother does not give the seeds.
Man needs to sow seeds (physically and spiritually) and the woman needs to accept seeds.
The boy and girl come from the Mother Earth but on coming forth from the earth the boy and the girl must put their roots in to their mother but grow towards their father. Having roots and no upper growth is null and having upper growth without roots is null. Strong roots are good as well as a strong upper strong trunk and branches is good.
Children need both father and mother to grow.
We must teach our human spirit the truth.
If human spirit grows and matures we men have strong wrists. Strong wrists for men is a sign of maturity. To be strong in human spirit we men can sow.
It is not wise for women to have authority over men. Such leads to perversion. Women can lead women. Women leading men makes women lose their natural submission to men and such makes a perversion. A mans wife being in charge makes the husband the submissive one and thus a perversion. Man has to be the sower, on top and in charge. Man loses his potency and manliness if his wife is in charge. A woman loses her natural submissiveness and femininity if she has the authority over her husband. Women that are in charge lose out on a natural love life with their husbands. The husband goes perverse. Most people in this world are now perverse. In the past, relationships between the man and woman were much simpler as the wisdom of Christ was upheld in a lot of quarters. Now a days the wisdom of Christ is jettisoned for a loose and immoral wisdom that suits people who want just a quick and easy life. People in mass are just being jerks. Every time we read the newspaper we read about sexual abuse. Abusers are just being immature jerks. There is no real love in abuse. Man has to get the headship back over the woman and keep the headship and not be a jerk. The true headship is a mind of Jesus Christ. If we have the mind of Jesus Christ we then love our wives as Jesus loves the church. The wives have to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Jesus Christ. The man has to be the head. Life was much simpler in the past when man identified more as being the head. Now most media regularly portray suggestions of sexual perversion. Every where we look there is perversion. Perversion is a turning away from God; turning away from what is natural. I mean everywhere we go the woman is in our men’s faces. Women and men are loose. The now-a-days human wisdom is so un natural. Christ’s wisdom is natural. Christ’s wisdom was put there for our help; it is natural and healthy. But the church (or what we can call the “Established” church) have brought perversion on itself. And there is no going back. Our children are now fed perversion from a young age. Adults are sexualising young children.
A psychoanalyst might try and find a Freudian answer to the current mess in this world and call it a “One big cock up”.

The man is the head, the woman is the body.
When the man looks at the woman he sees body.
When woman looks at the man she sees head.
So when women are in charge of the men the men are seeing in their faces often the bodies of women.
Man should be in charge seeing and glorifying head their heads not women’s bodies. So we see an upside down or a turning away from what is natural to what is unnatural; this turning away is called PERVERSION.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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