Muslim fundamentalism – it’s much much more militant than Christian fundamentalism. Christian fundamentalism does not hack people’s heads off.
I used to fellowship with Christian fundamentalists – I found them: pushy, militant, mostly of a young age, egotistical, hormonal, selfish.
I used to associate with Christian fundamentalists a lot in my younger years. But they were young people who wanted power, they wanted money (and would use religion to get money), they wanted to be noticed. And of course they wanted fame and fortune. They were like young children and had lots of sibling rivalry amongst themselves.

But young people all seem to want “Fame and fortune”. Its hard for young people growing up. Its a hard to very hard life. No one wants to work like a pack horse and young Christians are no different. We want to live in the lap of luxury.

Then we get the extreme religious fundamentalists. These people are the apocalyptic. They live for the end times. They will even die in their so called end times struggle. So you see Muslim Religious leaders saying to the Muslim youth “if you die for the cause you will go to heaven and sleep with many virgin women”. Of course it’s all deceit with no truth in it.

Christian extreme fundamentalists set up communities and may have a leader that they call a prophet leading them. This prophet in most cases preys on the women and girls of the community committing all sorts of sexual perversions.

The youth want to believe these extreme fundamental causes because they feel wanted, needed and they have friends.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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