NEW NORCIA MONASTERY – Halcyon days are over

My home away from home. Well it used to be but no more.

I would retire to stay at the New Norcia Monastery guesthouse about twice a year staying about four nights each time. I loved staying here. As a single man I came here, and when I married, my wife also accompanied me. Angelina also loved it here. The meals were excellent, but alas no more. The surroundings are idyllic. But meals and surroundings were not my main draw cards to come here; it was the peace in mind and heart that drew me here. I literally felt soaked in the peace of spirituality; mind, soul, heart and body. Now this was not all too surprising as the Monks here in their literature more or less promise peace to their guests. But alas no more. Oh yes there is a peace but not like a peace I experienced in past years. The peace I talk about is soul and spirit peace. I stay four nights here and in the past by the time I leave I am mostly unwound and rejuvenated. Now there is really little unwinding here. In the past I experienced some very high spiritual times; such times were so enjoyable; there was little to match. I loved such spiritual highs. My wife and I felt so safe at New Norcia.

What stood out to me most at New Norcia in the past? It was the unwinding. It was like my human spirit was released from its tension. But what made this tension in the first place and how can monks make this tension in human spirit go away? Monks are all male. Monks are celibate (or supposed to be). Monks do not have females in their community.

So we get monks single and without women. And monks pray often.

I have a painting at my home of a mountain with a river in the fore ground. For those who can see more you can also see a dragon with a woman sitting on its back. Not all people can see this dragon and woman, maybe very few people see this. But I see it clearly.

The dragon is obviously representing Satan. But who is the woman?
The Dragon Satan has a woman (women) and obviously uses this woman in doing evil in this world. But why would Satan use women to do evil? The answer is that man can not do without a woman. Man is under the headship of God and the man is the headship of women. So Satan tries to turn the man away from God. Turning away is called perversion. Satan perverts man. Man is perverted by the dragons women. To lead the man away from God also leads Gods women away from God. Satan uses his women to pervert the human race.

New Norcia is a monastery full of single monks. Monks that pray frequently. So for males to go to stay at New Norcia the males find freedom and a safe haven from Satan’s women. Perversion by Satan’s women brings tension to ones human spirit. But the monks are living a life free of all women in their own community of monks. Women are not allowed in the actual monastery.

BUT alas things have now changed at New Norcia. The halcyon days of New Norcia are over. Women have been accepted in to the New Norcia monastery community. There is now no safe haven here from women. There is now no release from tension of human spirit at New Norcia. I am not saying that the women that have been accepted in to the monks community are evil; it is just that man comes under God and the women comes under man but this is not accepted in the new age modern thinking of a lot of the church. So the church suffers; literally. So man worships the women. It is an upside down mentality. Man should glorify God above but many men glorify the woman. Such is a turning away; it is called perversion. Satan wins here. The church is full of perversion. The human spirit of man needs to worship the God Head. The Holy Spirit comes in to the heart to correct this perversion. But man still perverts. Man wears long hair, disgraceful; such just shows his perversion of worshipping the woman. Women have short hair disgracing themselves showing their rebellion and not glorifying the man. Women and men in rebellion get in to satan worship. They get in to nature worship and key in spirituality to nature and demons. Some call it Wicca.

In the past New Norcia was a safe haven from the wiles of women. But not now. For a man to be in complete true reflection of God the man has to be completely free of distraction of the woman. Prophets of old and new usually try to be single that’s if they want the best communion with God that they can get. But alas man can not do without woman and monks also now find communion with women is needed. But communion with women for monks ends the freedom from the tension that women bring to the man. Maybe there are really few true monks now a days. Monks in the past did all they could to be free of women. Monks even became hermits and lived alone. Power in prayer to hermits was in their having no contact with people. Monks had their prayer power from being free of women.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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