SCHOOL TEACHERS BASHING CHILDREN – discrimination against children by adults.

Teachers are just strangers to the children they teach. These strangers are given permission to teach the children. Teachers are just employees, they work for bosses, they work for money. Teachers are just hired hands nothing more. Just like any employee teachers are not allowed to bash people. Authorities can not bash people. The police authority can not just bash people at their whim. Children have rights just as adults have rights. Teachers have no rights in bashing other people. Children are people.

So teachers are like any other employees they can not bash people who they work for. Teachers work for the children. Without the children there would be few teachers. At any job say in an insurance company the employees at the insurance company can not bash people. So children are to be treated as civilly as adults are. Children can not be bashed by adults without true accordance to the rule of law. And laws should protect children just as much as they protect adults. Children because of age should not be discriminated against by adults.

There are plenty of adults in this world who misbehave so if children are going to be bashed then bash the adults too. Bash the adulterous husband. Bash the unfaithful wife. Bash the adult liars. Bash the husband who looks at pornography. Bash the wife who gossips.

There are plenty of reasons to bash husbands and wives if bashing of children is accepted.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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