GO FOR IT PENNY – we want homosexuals to “come out of the closet”

And not to be afraid to come out. Heterosexuals jerking off abuse to homosexuals does not help in the gays coming out.

[Labor Senator Penny Wong has suggested a TV sports commentator who called an AFL player a “poofter” last weekend should not continue to work on air.]

Go for it Penny Wong, be brave, tell those jerks off. Now I do not know if homosexuality is a sin or not but I think discrimination and prejudice and judging others is wrong. Go for it Penny tell those smart alacks that they are not so clever after all. I can say a lot of heterosexuals need to clean up their own acts, they are in to rape and all disgusting sexual perversions.

Fundamentalism has been a scourge on mankind in its conforming people to a set of ideals that prove to be wrong. Some fundamentals are ok but most are based on prejudice. We need to be free thinkers and freedom is only through Jesus Christ. Is Jesus a poofter; I bet a lot of heterosexuals think he was.

But even though I find there’s a lot of discrimination and prejudice to people of a homosexuality persuasion I still think Jesus Christ “is” completely straight. Why is there homosexuality? I still am waiting to find answers. I hope the answers will come out (in the wash) soon.

We still need fundamentals. But we also must mature spiritually. We move on from just dining on fundamentals, we must get on to the meat. We must think for ourselves. We mature and think and learn, not let other people think for us. Fundamentalism can be so shallow and immature. Fundamentalism is for the youth. Fundamentalists think thinking is wrong; they let other people think for them.

“Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life on this planet”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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