What I mean is that ALL gays need to come out of the closet. Gays should not hide in the closet anymore but be open and honest with the world. Can gays be honest because to be straight is to be honest and gays are not straight. For a very long time fingers have been pointed at lots of people suggesting that they are gay. But if gays came out and were honest and were not hiding their sexuality then the finger pointing might come to an end.

I mean a complete straight man like me, straight as they could come, no doubt had the fingers pointed at me simply because I married late in life. If gays all came out it would make life simpler because we can then find the truth about homosexuality. If homosexuality is natural then the discrimination against gays might be one of the worst injustices that mankind has done against his fellow “man” (person). To me homosexuality is not a choice sexual orientation made by each person. I am heterosexual but I never made that choice, that choice was inborn. I was born heterosexual. I never considered being a homosexual. I never have had love feelings for males. I remember in primmer one at primary school that a girl stood out to me. So my attraction for females was noticeable at a young age. But fundamentalists might say we humans are all born heterosexual. I think that is a wrong judgement.

Mankind has made other wrong judgements in its repertoire of moral rights and wrongs. One that stands out is racialism. About 800,000 people died in the American Civil War because a lot of people considered dark skin people inferior to white skin people. A mass injustice was done here. Females have had injustices done against them by males. Even still there are religious fundamentalists who think women inferior to men.

So everyone come out of the closet, be brave.

So do we have “Out of the closet” club meetings. Hello my name is Lester I am heterosexual and I want to talk about my thoughts about gays. So maybe we can have many of these clubs where people can go and address their sexuality and how they view other people’s sexuality. I know I have found homosexuality to be not of my taste. In the past I thought homosexuality a sin against God. But now I am not sure if homosexuality is sin or not, I am getting to be of the persuasion that I would now take the jury seat and say I am undecided. I am undecided until I know more.

If gays were straight about their sexuality all along then we might never have had all this misunderstanding. Oh I said gays being straight. But gays are not straight. So how can gays be straight about their sexuality. I mean straight is being honest is it not. So gays were not being honest about their sexuality and there lies the problem. So are we wanting gays to be straight about their sexuality when gays are not straight. Yes we want straightness. If gays were honest all this time from the year dot the world might have understood gays yonks ago. But gays were not being straight with us and gays being not straight might never be straight with us. So if gays are not going to be straight with us how are we going to learn about their sexuality. Puzzling.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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  1. eyeontheuniverse Says:

    I agree that the more openness the better. However, as far as research goes you don’t need 100% of a population to study it. We normally use sampling and only study a tiny percent of the target group. Possibly what would help is more openness at young ages where the study population is much smaller, but how do we really ask this of children and parents?

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