I got off the bus. It was pouring with rain. I stood at the bus stop just me and two giggling girls. We all were cowered by the weather. We sheltered under a small bus shelter roof. The rain was still reaching parts of us. My shoes were getting sprayed with water. The two girls made a dash for the adjacent building. They screamed in unison but they got to safety. I waited hoping the rain would abate but no it kept on bucketing down. I thought of, “What are my chances of not getting soaked if I made a dash for it”. I had an umbrella but the wind was beating down so my chances of using an umbrella were nil. I made the dash. Relief, I made it to safety and I was not too wet.

I was thinking of food now, or my stomach was. There was a cafe there, I was getting to be a regular here, I ordered my usual and sat down. Soon a plate of hot steaming food was brought to me. So eat and enjoy and be merry. My meal finished I had to complete my planned mission. I had come to drop off some DVDs at the library. The library was next door to the cafe. I went in to the library and decided to stay for a while. Children were making much noise, it was very disturbing, but such seems to be the norm of libraries now-a-days they are noisy. I remember in the past, libraries were quiet places and there were big signs around saying “quiet please”. I like reading books. I read only large print books, my eyes are not young anymore. I hate squinting at small print. Even with my reading glasses on small print is hard for me to see.

I got a book and sat down. I went straight to the book half way mark and started reading. The writer was a woman and she was writing from Kabul in Afghanistan. The writer, we will call her name Leila, was a young married woman, she was trying to get a job as a school teacher. She went to a village school and applied for a job. The Inspector said she had to go to the Education Department and apply there. Leila asked her brother to accompany her. Women can not travel far without the accompany of a male. It is the religion. This is Islam. The Education Department was a half hour bus ride away. Leila’s brother fobbed her off saying it is not right for women to get jobs they should be at home looking after the family. Leila asked other male relations but they too made excuses. Leila saw getting a job as away of getting her freedom.

My heart was getting vexed. I decided it might be good if I now left the library. Maybe I am getting vexed because of bad karma at the library. I walked outside but the vexing remained and it was still raining. I got on the next bus. “Bread”, I thought, “fresh bread”. So tempting, thinking of that fresh bread. Coles supermarket was two bus stops further on. Recently Coles expanded their shop and it now includes a bakery. Wow fresh bread and all not far to walk from my home. I pushed the button, got off the bus, yes it was still raining but only slightly. I walked the three minutes to the supermarket. The wind was still fierce. I still could not use my umbrella. I ran the last few yards. What a day.

Mother Nature is putting on her best show; its like a show of anger. But mother you may struggle with me but we are still family and all ends well. I bought my groceries and then again went to brave the weather. Mother still raged. What had we children done wrong now to cause her to be so angry. Yes we humans rubbish her house. The mothers house is the earth – Mother Earth. But mum still rages even when we keep clean. So there’s no appeasing the mother. What about father. They say Father Sky and Mother Earth so maybe both dad and mum are raging today. Whatever the reason I must get home. I checked my time on my phone. I had about two minutes before the bus would arrive. I made a dash for the bus stop. I ran hoping I would not miss the bus. I did not want to walk home the eight or nine minutes in the rain. I turned the corner of the building and the sight gladdened me, there was my bus at the stop. I still had about a sixty yards to go. Will the bus take off and leave me behind? I kept running, I noticed the bus driver was looking down, he seemed to be reading something, I have a chance. I got to the bus, the bus door was closed, the door opened, I was so very glad. God you must have done this, you must have made the bus wait. I got home, I was hungry and a bit cold. I prepared a snack, put on the central heating and called it a day.

The weather was atrocious today but it’s the weather inside our minds and hearts that is also important. My heart and mind are now calm. I weathered the physical elements but what about the the spiritual elements, we have a spirit and soul. We struggle with both our Spiritual Father and our Mother Nature. Our human spirit can be fierce. Weather is the doing of the Father (God Spirit) and the Mother (Nature) so it shows another side of the character of God (Male and female).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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