I have a problem with schooling. Schools need to be vocation orientated. Schools have career advisors but such comes very short in schools helping pupils find their God given gifts and God given vocation. Schools are about exams and exams are all about cramming.

I mean at college and university you have many exams crammed in to a few days one exam after the other and pupils are supposed to be able to study knowledge like absorb it all and like sick it all up in a few days in exams and the world expects these students to be ok. They are not ok. The schooling system has much to desire of it. Actually all this cramming and exams is not constructive to good learning. It’s not proper learning at all – not in my books. Actually such learning is a kin to draconian. It’s outdated learning coming from the Middle Ages where darkness ruled. Learning should be fun and enjoyable. Learning should not be about, them and us, the intelligent and the unintelligent, the strong and the weak, the abled and the disabled. I found schooling a kin to prison. School needs to identify with children’s God given gifting and such strengths need to be encouraged in the children. Schools are nothing more than “cold” factories. Children should be encouraged to find their God given vocation. Children need to learn their vocation early in life before “Money” steps in, before the children lose their innocence.

Children now map out their lives according to money; they choose their vocation according to money. It’s about money, status and importance. But young children have not been indulged in “Mans wisdom” so they would make their choices more innocently. Teachers just teach the education curriculum, their job is to make sure this curriculum is taught and nothing else. Teachers teach for money. Teachers do not serve God. Teachers work for wages and disregard God. The soul is unimportant to teachers.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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