The Jewish authorities said “JESUS CHRIST WAS NEVER SCHOOLED”

These authorities must have known. They were the authorities of that time and authorities usually know things like for example if Jesus was schooled. We must give the Jewish authorities at that time the benefit of the doubt and thus believe Jesus was never schooled.

But how did Jesus know scripture from the Old Testament? Jesus could read; how did Jesus learn to read? So Jesus must have had some teachings from “Man”. Mary his mother and Joseph his father may have been learned and Jesus may have had some teaching from his parents at home. Theres talk that in Jesus days the synagogue had schooling for children. Maybe Jesus learnt scriptures and reading and writing from the teachers at the local synagogue. Christian churches have Sunday school and Jewish synagogues might have something similar in style. Whatever the way, Jesus did learn to read and he knew the holy scriptures. Did Jesus know how to write? I guess he knew writing skills. Again he might have learnt from his parents and from the synagogue teachers. If Jesus was taught at the synagogue it can only have been basic teaching. Just like we Christians know Sunday school is basic learning.

The Jewish authorities said Jesus was never schooled. I presume they meant that he had no proper formal education apart from basic learning. Jesus knew the holy scriptures, that we know. Jesus knew holy scriptures off by heart. Jesus was fluent in speech he knew his language well. Joseph and Mary were poor, but they may have had a basic education that they could pass on to Jesus. And Jesus learnt the carpentry trade of his father Joseph. Jesus was skilled in carpentry.

The holy scripture says “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature”. Wisdom is one thing and learning general knowledge is another thing. Jesus also knew what people were thinking. So Jesus knew people. Jesus in knowing thoughts of people must certainly have known what his true Father in heaven was thinking. Jesus had two fathers but his Heavenly Father was his eternal Father and this Father was the Father that begat him. Joseph did not begat Jesus. Jesus was like an adopted son to Joseph. God in heaven was the real Father of Jesus. Sounds schizophrenic; Jesus having two fathers; then later Jesus says he’s the son of man and the Son of God. No wonder the religious people of the day were confused by Jesus. But Jesus opened up the minds of his disciples to understand. The religious people of that day thought they were wise already and mocked Jesus’ wisdom.

Jesus when choosing his disciples liked to choose simple people. Jesus certainly was not looking for the “know it alls” of the world. Jesus wanted simple hearts and simple souls to impart Gods wisdom to. The Bible says “The simple become wise”. Know it alls of the world would never learn off Jesus and be wise of God. Know it alls of the world are wise of the world they think they are already truly wise but their wisdom is false. Only Gods wisdom from above is the true wisdom. Wisdom of this world is false.

Now we see that as Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:19

The scripture says
“God will destroy the wisdom of the wise and frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent”.

I use the words here from reading a bible version a long time ago and I do not remember the version. Below you will see the Good News version of this text. We see from further reading the below scripture from Paul that Paul is really saying vanity are the scholars, debaters and the wise. Paul is calling the scholars, wise and debaters all fools. So the worlds wisdom is all foolish.

So a lot of “Mans” wisdom is foolishness. Man loves to get praise from man. We love our own glory. We love to be glorified by man. We love getting accolades. We want as many trophies as we can get. We climb our mountains in mind and thought and in the physical, achieving conquests but all is VANITY OF VANITIES. The true and only wise mountain to climb is the mountain of thought in Jesus Christ; all other mountains are for our own glory. To glory in Jesus wisdom is to glory for God the Father and such gets us ready for the eternal life in heaven. Mans wisdom is dead, it takes us to the grave.

Man = mankind


12 There was much whispering about him in the crowd. “He is a good man,” some people said. “No,” others said, “he fools the people.” 13 But no one talked about him openly, because they were afraid of the Jewish authorities.

14 The festival was nearly half over when Jesus went to the Temple and began teaching. 15 The Jewish authorities were greatly surprised and said, “How does this man know so much when he has never been to school?”

16 Jesus answered, “What I teach is not my own teaching, but it comes from God, who sent me. 17 Whoever is willing to do what God wants will know whether what I teach comes from God or whether I speak on my own authority. 18 Those who speak on their own authority are trying to gain glory for themselves. But he who wants glory for the one who sent him is honest, and there is nothing false in him. 19 Moses gave you the Law, didn’t he? But not one of you obeys the Law. Why are you trying to kill me?”

20 “You have a demon in you!” the crowd answered. “Who is trying to kill you?”


18 For the message about Christ’s death on the cross is nonsense to those who are being lost; but for us who are being saved it is God’s power. 19 The scripture says,

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise
and set aside the understanding of the scholars.”

20 So then, where does that leave the wise? or the scholars? or the skilful debaters of this world? God has shown that this world’s wisdom is foolishness!

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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