Replace God, replace creation
Mans wisdom is about manmade

Man wants to replicate ALL God and His creation. Mans wisdom is Satan inspired. We work for the Beast, whatever the Beast is. Satan is said to have control over a lot of the worlds kingdoms. Satan maybe controls the money and its system. God’s kingdom is not of this world; God’s kingdom is within.

So we true believers in God are in this world but not of this world. We true believers in God are like aliens in this world we belong to the above. The world and its people love the things of this world. The world does not understand Jesus Christ because the world tries to understand God from the wisdom of man. Man is wise in his/her own eyes and does not comprehend that God is a God of simplicity. The world sees God as complex and because of this the world is unable to understand God. Man is complex in mans own understanding. Satan tries to blind people from the truth about God.

Man wants to create everything apart from what God has created. Gods creation is getting snuffed out. Snuff out God. But God can not be killed so God will eventually punish the people of the world. People kill off God’s creation and replace God’s creation with manmade creation. Kill the trees, kill the animals, kill the plants, kill off the oxygen, kill of the vegetation, PUT concrete down, put plastic down, put man made materials over God made materials.

Creation is being killed off by man. But it will not end there. Man wants to create man in mans likeness just as God created man in God’s likeness. Man will create man, male and female, and they will have names. These man image creations at this time are called robots and humanoids. But man will not stop at creating man in his own image, male and female; man will want to create God. God is known in the three persons so man will create God in three persons. Man will try and create a manmade man that does what Jesus Christ does. So Jesus Christ walked on water and man’s creation will try and copy all the things Jesus did and does. Man will try and create holograms that robots can give off with light. These holograms will be like the visions God gives. Man will try and create spirit. Man then will try and create God the Father. Will man create spirits like the angels.

Man wants to be God. Man can not be God so man will create God. Manmade will replace God made. Man hates God. Man rebels against God. Man wants to be wise of him/her self. Man wants to rule the universe apart from God. Man has turned away from God. Man does not want to work for God. Man loves money and works for money and serves money. Man serves the Beast. The Beast gives money. Man serves Satan.

To turn away means to pervert. Man has become perverted. This world is perverted.

In the future there will be a lot of man made. Man is slowly killing off all God made. Eventually CARBON will be a very big problem. Plants soak up carbon but man is killing off a lot of the God made plants. The ecosystem is a system that should not be interfered with but man interferes with it wholesale.

Man is so clever in his/her own eyes. Man is replacing the creator and the creation with manmade. Man wants to be in control. Man serves Satan. Man will take the Mark of the Beast and keep serving the Beast. The Beast is all about money and buying and selling.

The Holy Spirit says “listen” but we do not listen to Him we are too busy serving ourselves, money and the Beast and Satan. Satan fell from heaven, he had become proud and wanted what God has and it’s the same for man, man wants what God has apart from God. Man can not have what God has so man makes his own.

Man you are so intelligent, you are so great, you are such a hard worker, you are so attractive, you are so wise, you are just brilliant, you are a genius, you are the best there is no better, man you toil long hours, man you are just it, man your job is the best, man you are perfect, man you WORK WORK and WORK what a very great worker you are.

BUT man you are not working for God. Man your true vocation is in spirit. Man your true vocation is only spiritually discerned. Only a wise person discovers true God vocation; this wisdom has to be of Christ and no other. Man will never discover true vocation through mans wisdom. Mans wisdom is false. Mans wisdom serves Satan.


Man = mankind (male and female)

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


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