Humanoids will come. And COME and come. They will be our servants just as humans are supposed to be Gods servants. But will humanoids one day think and rebel against their master the human. Will humanoids get WISDOM? And understand right from wrong.

Humans got wisdom to soul; that was wrong. Adam was the first ‘soul man’ but in Jesus Christ who is ‘Spirit man’ we in our human spirit get wisdom. Spiritual wisdom seems ok to God BUT soul wisdom is not ok to God. Mystifying; yes.

But humanoids in the physical has further ramifications; the HOLOGRAM. Such is like a vision and 3 dimensional made by a light source. Maybe the humanoids can emit the light source to make holograms.

What about a free standing (power within the hologram; like a spirit) 3 dimensional hologram – is that possible. Maybe ‘Man’ will create spirit. I mean we are getting just about every other manmade thing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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