Flavour of the month – What Church denomination?

The church is one church but has many flavours. Ice cream has many flavours. People prefer to keep to one flavour. Yes a few do wander from flavour to flavour.

Each Christian Church denomination is as like a flavour. People get used to one flavour and keep to it. People usually do not like drinking plain water. People like to flavour their water. Plain water of course is the best. God provides plain water. We go in to a church at worship time and we see the flavour. We humans do not always like to all drink or eat the same flavour. Flavour distinguishes each Church denomination and makes that denomination what it is.

The Catholics have their flavour – crossing themselves; kneeling; saying the rosary; repetitive prayers; worship of Mother Mary and so on. Pentecostals seem to be at the other end of the spectrum to Catholics. The metaphorical tree of the Christian church having the roots the trunk the branches and twigs. The Pentecostal’s been the twigs on the fringe of the tree. The Catholic’s been like the trunk. The trunk is strong. The twigs blow about in the wind. Twigs because they are on the fringe are not as strong as the trunk. Fringe can be looked at as been shallow. Pentecostals have their flavour of Church worship they love their upbeat loud modern music. Pentecostals have their healing meetings and are right in to religion making them rich, God here is like Santa Claus – we want the American dream; a BMW car a large house with every modern convenience and it goes on. Pentecostals are at home with marketing and advertising.

God does not seem to mind the different Church flavours as long as the flavour does not deter people away from God. Ice cream is still ice cream no matter what flavour it is. If the Church was really true to God there would be no flavour. Plain water is better for you than flavoured water. So what is the Church? It is the body we are a body in our individualistic selves but in our bodies we are joined to all the other elect bodies to make the whole Church of God. Is the body the kingdom of God? The kingdom of God is not necessary a physical body it is a spiritual body we live in the physical body and are in God’s kingdom. The argument is; God’s kingdom – is it outside the body and inside the body at the same time? Maybe; I do not know; no one seems to know for definite that answer.

Humans do not like plain things they want their senses to be titillated. Humans want pleasure. Drinking plain water is not pleasurable. Who wants to marry a plain Jane? Men want to marry a woman that is a sex siren a woman for their pleasure. Likewise a woman wants to marry no plain John. Humans want excitement. Flavour gives excitement to their senses. So flavour it is with us humans the church must have flavour one that we each like. Humans have their likes and dislikes that is natural.


God says the kingdom of God is within. God says that the kingdom of God is not of this world. God may give kingdoms of this world to people. God also says that Satan has governance over kingdoms on this earth. God’s kingdom – Is it both of this world and in the hearts and minds of the elect? God wins hearts and minds (souls). God is not about saving anything other than the souls of human beings. God comes in to the heart of humans and saves their souls. People are in to saving money but God is in to saving souls. People talk about “save the whales”; “save the trees”; “save the vegetation”; “save the rivers”; and it goes on saving everything but people’s souls. God started with one person saving just one soul and then salvation spreads salvation reaches out in to the whole world. Salvation is from within. God comes in to the heart of humans. God saves the soul and that soul once saved can make good in this world

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Perth. Australia.

Friday, 24 September 2010


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