Humans so love to discriminate. It puts them on a high. Their ego gets a lift. Whether it’s slagging homosexuals, dark coloured skinned people, mentally unwell people, disadvantaged people, poor people, disability people, males, females, WE ALL HAVE DONE IT AT TIMES. We love to slag others. Maybe the Devil encourages us to slag. Maybe we can not help ourselves because Satan has so much force in this world. I mean we have good and bad in us so we can not always be good. We can not always be the docile helpful Boy Scout or Girl Guide; such is too plain and simple we want to have fun so we slag others.

And Christians slag too. They slag in their Lords name.

I was in this Christian Pastors car one night. The Pastor was driving. There were about 4 other passengers in the car. We were aged in about our 30’s except the Pastor was about in his 40’s or 50’s. The conversation moved on to homosexuals. One Christian man said “I would put a gun to a homosexuals head and shoot him”. There was open laughter in the car. I was quite perplexed about all this. The reasoning here for me and I think all people (at this time of thinking in the world) was that if you spoke in favour of homosexuality you risked being stigmatised as a homosexual yourself. It’s like oh he’s a gay. He supports homosexuality so he’s a gay too.

Homosexuals were hiding away, called then and now, “in the closet”, that means they were hiding their homosexuality so no one knew who was gay and who was not gay so there was a mystery on who was gay. Now-a-days more homosexuals are “coming out”. So in this car a Christian man saying he would shoot gays in the head. We got to our destination, we arrived at a house for our weekly bible study.

I am not homosexual. I was single for a lot of my life so no doubt the discrimination brigade did their bit against me. I am happily married and I love being married – to a woman. I am fully straight, a straight thinker and a straight talker, my wrists are strong, my spirit is strong. I am fully heterosexual.
But me being heterosexual does not give me an excuse to discriminate against homosexuals.

I have had mental problems and have suffered discrimination as a result.

People try to look for the weaknesses in a person then they attack. People use any weakness to discriminate and thus pull down the other person. It’s like children having fun fights. They scrag with each other; it’s all fun to them.

It’s like slagging and scragging go together. We never seem to get the child out of us.


Human wisdom tries to base a pecking order on a persons value and in valuing a person we value them according to their worth and this worth is in monetary value. So we look at a person and we want to know how much money they have. To acquire a persons monetary value we ask about a persons job. What job do you do? What is your work? Usually we can work out a persons monetary value by their employment because we can work out their wages. Then we look at a persons assets; do you own a house, do you own a car BUT the job is the over riding value.

Human wisdom values people according to their monetary value. All this is a kind of discrimination. Such robs a person of Gods value. God does not value a person by money.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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