We have here unwed mothers with their children living at these Catholic homes run by the nuns.


They were dead first, granted. But what did the children die of? They say sicknesses but what is this about malnutrition. Malnutrition is lack of food. So were these children starved?

The treatment of the mothers and children comes down to religion. YES RELIGION. Did religion cause the deaths of these children? And what of the mothers; they were treated like slaves.

So the Catholics have a disdain for sin. Well the nuns in this case did. The mothers had sinned by having children out of wedlock.

But did the mothers and their children have to suffer because of the mothers sins? The nuns obviously thought so.

The Roman Catholic Church has a sacrament called penance. This is to feel contrite and remorseful for ones sins. But to be remorseful one has to suffer. The catholic person goes to the priest and confesses and the priest suggests some penance action to complete the absolution of the sins.

When I sin, say as a child, and I go to my father and apologise, will not my father forgive me.

The scripture says “If I confess my sins my Father in heaven will forgive me my sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

The above scripture does not say “If I confess my sins my Father in heaven will forgive me my sins and punish me”.

Will my own father then punish me for my sins when I have apologised.

If my child came to me and said dad I have sinned, please forgive me. Will I then whip the child. NO NO NO. A loving father forgives. A father wants to be apologised to. If the child does not apologise and deliberately goes on sinning a long time, does the father forgive. The father is patient and waits hoping the child will apologise. Punishment is the last resource. Yes true it’s said that a father if he loves the child he will punish the child. But there is always the act of forgiveness. Forgive and forgive.

So were the nuns punishing these unwed mothers and the mothers children and punishing even to death. Do the nuns see this punishment as a penance on the mothers for the mothers sins. So the mothers had to work like slaves in say the laundry. But why did so many children die? 800 children is no small amount. And why did the children not get a proper burial?

Were not the nuns committing criminal acts against the law of the land. Why were these nuns not brought before the courts of the land? Why were these nuns not jailed? We have criminals who used religion as an excuse to break the laws of the land. Why were the deaths of the children not reported to the police? We may have criminal negligence of the State.

Penance is a legal thing. Apostle Paul tried hard to explain that Christ is above the law. At the same time we as in Christ are above the law but we also uphold the law. The mothers sinned but with confession to God the mothers are forgiven for their sins. So who takes the punishment for our sins?

Jesus Christ took the punishment for our sins.

Jesus was whipped, beaten, and cursed. Jesus took all our sins in his body and died to them. God the Father put the punishment for our sins on to his own begotten Son.

Have the Catholics not understood the redemption message?

Penance seems to be punishment to take away ones sins. But we can not take away our own sins with punishment. Only through Jesus can our sins be forgiven and washed away.

Young children, when say at school, and they do wrong the teacher may cane them. At school especially in the past corporal punishment was common. You did wrong and you were punished. At home if you did wrong you were strapped. But Christ came along and said I will take all the punishment.

Penance is like a law. Law punishes. Christ loves and forgives. We have two different wills here. The law will and the love will. The Old Testament or old will is about law the New Testament or new will is about love.

So do we still come under the law or under love? Moses and his laws do not save the soul, only Jesus Christ saves the soul. Penance will not save the soul.

So we grow up as young immature Christians feeling like we must be punished for our sins. That may be a trick of the Devil.

We are forgiven at the cross of Jesus. We lay all our sins at the cross. Laws are bondage, love is freedom. Church doctrines can be laws and they bind. We are not free in laws. The law put Jesus on the cross. But Jesus died to the laws. No law now binds Jesus. And in Jesus we are not bound by law. We are in Jesus, Jesus is in us and Jesus is in the Father God.

To sin, the mature thing to do is to apologise and a mature Father forgives. The immature person sins and apologises and expects to be punished. Such is the past. We now live in an enlightened age where we can read the scriptures and understand them.

Penance is for the immature sinners who have not left the law.

God wants a humble and contrite heart. None of this legal nonsense.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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