The BIG paradox; Africa. Africa is one of the most richest continents in the world; oil, gold, diamonds etc. Nigeria for example is slathered in oil. Libya is oil rich. And it goes on. Africa is really very rich so why are most of the people in Africa poor. Take Nigeria; in just 7 months in 2013 it earned 20 billion dollars from its oil revenues. So why is every Nigerian not living in the lap of luxury? Now there are people in Nigeria who do live in luxury but they are the few. These few are the CORRUPT governing officials and their cronies. Nigeria is just one case of many cases of African nations being corrupt.

So in the Western nations the Christian preachers and aid agencies are crying out to the western people for money to send to the poor people in Africa. At church the minister makes us feel guilty that we so called rich westerners are not giving enough money to the poor Africans.

The westerner in giving does not want to give money to corrupt governments who take the money for themselves.

Africa is rich, rich in resources. Africa just needs better governance. The problem of poverty in these African nations is in their own homes, own families, own backyards, own hearts. There is plenty of money to be made in Africa. Why send more western money to Africa? Africa is rich the people are poor.

The African people’s HEARTS are poor. The ONLY food to take away this poverty within these poor people’s hearts is the food of God’s WORDS. African people’s hearts are STARVING.

And I think the religion of Islam also contributes to people’s poverty.
Islam keeps people poor. All worship of foreign gods keeps people poor. Unfaithfulness to the ONE true God keeps one poor.

Poverty leads to starvation and such is a starvation of the heart. Feed the heart first. Feed the soul. Feed the body. Foreign gods are gods of darkness. Satan loves the dark.

Christ is LORD of the LIGHT.

Most of Africa’s leaders are corrupt. A lot of African leaders are Muslim. A lot of African leaders are like dictators. A lot of African leaders treat their own countries purse (The public money) as their own personal money. These leaders treat their countries military as their own private army.

And hey Christians in the West are meant to give to these corrupt nations. Corrupt officials all wanting their cut of foreign aid. A lot of foreign aid from the West is found being sold in the market places of Africa.

Good governance of a nation begins at the top. But the bottom layers of governance support the top layers of governance so the whole thing is corrupt. To get to the top you come from the below so the rot is through and through.

A lot of Africa is still in spiritual darkness. The so called “White Missionaries” in the past that tried to save the African souls only did it as far as their racialist thoughts allowed them. Blacks even to the early white missionaries were marginalised. I mean they have black skin they weren’t really like us whites, they were/are an inferior people. So the early missionaries used the Africans as their servants; I mean whites were/are superior to blacks (the white mentality). It’s the same in Australia with the aboriginals. The aboriginals in the past weren’t really evangelised. The white Christians did not see aboriginals as their equals. But the Pacific Islander people were treated by the early white missionaries a bit different; I mean the pacific people although having a darkish skin do not have a black skin but a brown skin and the pacific people have attractive features. Also the scourge of Islam was not prevalent in Pacific Island people. The pacific people that tended to be more darker tending to the black were/are treated worse by the whites. So did racialism play a big part in the saving or not saving of souls by the early Christian missionaries – of course.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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