It was truly a rape and a massacre. They say over 300,000 Chinese were massacred and a minimum of 20,000 (maybe many more) women and girls raped.

So people wince when they are told that the USA dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan.

We are told that if the atomic bombs were not dropped on Japan that Japan was going to fight until they could not fight anymore. Meaning that the USA would have had to invade Japan. In the process of invasion it was noted that up to one million USA and allied soldiers and Japanese would be killed.

What do you do to kill a savage dog that is indiscriminately killing
everything in its path? You of course bomb it literally out of existence. Kill it with whatever means at your disposal. The dog gets no sympathy.

If an invasion of Japan did go ahead the Japanese were going to annihilate all prisoners of war that they had captured. And that is all POW’s that the Japanese had wherever they were.

So the 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan saved many many lives. Not just saving USA (and its allies) lives but also Japanese lives.

And look what happened after the war – Japan was helped by the USA to become very prosperous. The irony in all this is that the Japanese went to war to be prosperous – the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

So who turned out the best rulers. Japan failed dismally as rulers over the countries it conquered. BUT the USA in ruling Japan after the war showed compassion and good will. Who do you want ruling, Japan or the USA? Japan acted like savage dogs that enjoyed making people suffer but the USA and the allies were benevolent in their ruling.

Japan has a very big population and so little land. I mean its cities are like ant colonies with so many people.

Maybe Japan needs to think about its defence more now because China wont be bullied by Japan like in the past. Japan has plenty of people to sacrifice in a war. Japan is splitting at the beams with people.

It makes me wonder is war like a means of culling. Sound mean but culling goes on to many other animals in the pecking order. Man culls certain animals. So humans cull humans.

No country goes to war with a nuclear armed country. To do so is suicide. And no nuclear armed nation goes to war with another nuclear armed nation, also such is suicide. There is a thinking of “Mutual agreement on war” between nuclear armed nations.

The nuclear armed nations that have second strike capability have the stronger position over nuclear armed nations that are dependent on single nuclear strike capability. Few nations have second nuclear strike capabilities.

War is evil. War is miserable. Despots, tyrants, dictators and some bullies all ought to have their testicles surgically removed.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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