ROBOMAN / ROBOWOMAN – Part human part robot

The 6 million dollar man – remember the TV series.

So in the future we humans can be man made. Artificial human beings not God made but man made. Snuff out all God made with man made. Try to kill off God.

But man can transplant hearts with man made hearts but where will all this end. I mean its one thing to say have man made kidneys or a man made heart BUT how far can man making humans go before we go too far. Too far meaning how far before man becomes some sort of robot and not human. I mean can we man make a brain.

So we can print human parts/organs/bones with a 3D printer.

When does man made go too far and transgress God made? Is the cross over threshold the brain? Is the soul in the brain? People have already had heart transplants so we know the cross over threshold between God made and man made is not the heart. So I presume it must be the brain.

Man = mankind

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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