(The stigma is there already with the first word “Mental”. Let the abuse begin)

Do they still do lobotomies? I really hope not. No I have not had a lobotomy done to me. My perception on a lobotomy is that it looks like a person has a pick axe point shoved up their nose in to the internal front area of their brain. Say no more. So sticking a sharp instrument in to ones brain is meant to heal people of mental illness. I mean come on; maybe doctors still think “blood letting” is still a goer. Doctors in the past thought blood letting healed people; another myth. So blood letting is myth there is no healing and lobotomies are myth there is no healing. What about electric shocks to unwell mind patients. Yes plug people up to the power grid, give them powerful electric shocks and they are meant to be healed. Electric shocks – another myth of healing. But it’s not all “the blind leading the blind” for the medical fraternity. There must be light some where there for the mental health area. So doctors still do not understand all about mental illness. So it’s easier just to sedate mental patients. Some how medications for the mentally ill work but how they work is not all understood. Schizophrenia is one of the worst stigmas in society. Everyone stigmatises schizophrenia; I mean people get a laugh out of stigmatising it. Its a joke. Those nutters. Those loonies. Even the word “Mental” is stigmatised.

People love to vilify others; people get a kick out of vilifying others, its a thrill trip, its a high. So calling a black person a nigger feels good it makes them feel that they are better than all dark skinned people. Racialism has been with mankind since the year dot but maybe racialism has only been accentuated in the last couple of centuries. I mean money was a big factor in vilifying dark skinned people. You can make big money by having black skinned slaves.

Racialism is vilification. And such is malicious. Homosexuals are vilified. And the mentally ill are vilified. Vilification is a form of “abuse”. Mankind, as long as they have private parts of their bodies they will ABUSE. Mankind abuses themselves and others.

The mentally ill are abused by society. The leaders of society seem to encourage such abuse; they encourage it by contributing to the vilification especially with their words thus reinforcing the mind set of abuse.

“Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life on this planet”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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