The ability to understand. High intelligence is quick ability to understand whereas low intelligence is slow ability to understand.

are two different identities but both intermix in many agreeable areas. When one is wise one also grows in intelligence. When one is intelligent one also is agreeable to be wise. Wisdom and intelligence are good companions. Wisdom has much intelligence. BUT wisdom is about behaviour. Wisdom is about saying and doing the right things. Wisdom is also about thinking the right thoughts. Wisdom is about Jesus Christ because we see Jesus as the ideal righteous person. Wisdom is about living a righteous life. God is all Wise. God is all Truth. Truth and Wisdom go together. Wisdom is truth. Wisdom is love. To love is being wise not the love the world uses but the love that is of God.
To be intelligent does not necessary mean one is wise. To be wise is a choice. Intelligence seems to be inherited. Wisdom is fearing God and wanting to make the right choices because one wants to please the All wise and loving God.
Wisdom is not about learning facts and figures. Wisdom is not about knowledge as “Man” sees knowledge. Science is not about making one wise. Science is about knowledge of the physical universe. Science is about “Man” inventing; “Man” making his/her own man made creations apart from God. Wisdom is practical knowledge NOT science knowledge. Applying practical good knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is about doing; doing the right things. Wisdom does not have to mean intellectual learning. Wisdom is application; apply good.

We KNOW Jesus Christ is the WISDOM of GOD our maker. BUT if Jesus Christ was on this earth in this world and was teaching His WISDOM to say students at say a University Jesus would be ostracised by the University fraternity. Actually Jesus would be forbidden to preach and teach at a University (Any University).

So what are Universities teaching if they do not teach Jesus teachings? We know Jesus teachings are Gods teachings.

So Jesus teaches WISDOM of God.

Universities do not teach Wisdom of God. Universities teach wisdom of “Man”. Science is taught at Universities. Science is NOT wisdom.

When Jesus was on this earth in human body Jesus did not teach science to His disciples as we know science. Jesus did not teach science but Wisdom. Wisdom and science are two different identities.

So Universities are about: “Mans” conquests; “Man” at the centre of everything, human wisdom, human spirit, achieve through human spirit apart from God Spirit, it’s the philosophy of “Man” apart from God. God is not welcome in the class rooms of Universities.
In the END “Mans” knowledge will destroy “Man”. Just as “mans” knowledge puffs his mind up there might be an almighty big explosion not just of his head but of everything “man” made. “Man” covers God made with “man” made. “Man” is trying to smother God out of existence. “Man” is killing him/her self. Snuff God is to snuff out the life source.

“Man” may eventually be part God made and part “man” made. Humans can not chuck out all the God made so they smother the God made (of the human body and head) with a lot of “man” made. Humans will be part robot and part human. Humans can not kill off God altogether. But “man” will try and dominate God and control God. So “MAN” becomes AN ABUSER OF GOD.

Does this sound all ludicrous “man” making “man” as mostly “man” made. Well “man” wants to take over from God. Satan tried to take over from God in the heavens. Now “man” wants to take over from God on this earth. But is Satan using “Man” to control this earth and world.

There are two baptisms, one water and the other fire.
God used WATER to destroy this world in the time of Noah, that was the first baptism. A baptism cleanses. Baptism cleanses sin away. Now God has yet to use his second baptism to cleanse this world of sin on this earth. Fire will consume mankind and destroy all. Fire will cleanse this earth. So water and fire cleanse, they purify. God has the last say.

People might think that the second baptism is a fire of atomic bombs. But I think why would God use “man” made weapons to cleanse with when God has his own God made creations to cleanse with.
My thinking is that the FIRE baptism comes from the Sun. But this is just my own thoughts here and not to be taken literally. The Sun is not “man” made but God made. God does not want to use “Mans” inventions to cleanse with.
Water and fire baptisms come from above. We think of God as above.

(“Man” = Mankind)

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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