Father like Son, Son like Father; A true symmetry – a true reflection.

I warm to the theory that our universe is symmetrical. To start understanding the universe we must look at the smallest element. Look at small to understand big. Big is big because of the small. Small begins first then small becomes big. Gods Spirit maybe very small.

So atoms – are they symmetrical? Is God symmetrical? Let us look at the brain of the human being; we humans are in the image of God so the answers are within us. Our image must tell us about God. So our human brain has two hemispheres. There’s the clue in the brain for starters, this being about the symmetric God and symmetric universe. The brains two hemispheres control the human body. But both hemispheres function the same.

Let us use an analogy: The Father God is above at the left side; the Son of God the Father is at the right side, both Father and Son side by side. So the heavens (the temple) have two hemispheres with God two in one controlling both sides of the body. God the Father and God the Son are the same; both can do exactly the same. So we have symmetry in the human body and the brain with the brain (temple) in the head above in charge.

Symmetry can go further than two similar qualities facing off each other. Symmetry can involve say things like: live – die; positive – negative; light – dark; evil – good; yes – no; right – wrong; give – receive; sow – reap; white – black.

But does symmetry in the truest extent include such opposite qualities written above. Symmetry must include such qualities like those mentioned. So we go further: matter – anti matter. It makes sense to see everything has its likeness.

So God the Father and His Son – thus making a symmetry; both above. So if its symmetrical above it must also be symmetrical here below on earth. To see pure symmetry we need to first see pure simplicity.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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  1. Jack Curtis Says:

    My tiny brain can’t juxtapose “Symmetrical” with the “Infinity” that I’ve been assured, comes with Him. I get hung up a lot on such difficulties. But I enjoyed the post and the useful thoughts it fomented …

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