FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS – Loving and trading with the enemy


Australia now needs a free trade agreement with China.

God loves ALL. God has NO hate in him. God loves Satan.

Trade with the DRAGON? Why not. Trade with the enemy? Yes. Love the enemy? yes? Love Satan? Love all.

Love overcomes evil, light overcomes darkness. You do not use hate against hate. You do not use darkness against darkness. You use LOVE against hate. Love is the most powerful weapon there is.

I think of some of my Christian peers while I was growing as a young Christian and their so called HATE for the enemy. Now the word SATAN means enemy. I have to say that these enemy haters were in the bulk Pentecostal Christians not Traditional Christians. The Pentecostals were on the main young people and older Christians seemed to be few in number here. So young people as such being the “know it alls”. And not listening to the wisdom of older people.

So God is all LIGHT. God is all LOVE. God has no hate in him. God has no darkness in him.

So the BRIGHT (all light) people are the more loving people. Bright means light. Light is to love. Light and love go together. Intelligent people are known as bright people. God is light, God is bright.

So we LOVE the enemy. We LOVE Satan. We do not hate the enemy Satan.

We Love the enemy and we trade with the enemy.

LOVE is the most powerful weapon that Christians can use against Satan.

The Dragon and his snakes are the enemy.

We want a world full of LOVE not hate.

Loving Satan is not being weak. Love is being strong, strong of heart. Our heart when loving can overcome all adversity.

God gives water and light to all, to the bad and the good.

We feed even our enemies. Sound bad? its Gods will.

God does not hate, God is ALL love. How can God hate Satan when God has no hate or darkness in him.

God LOVES Satan (but sins are an abomination).

So it seems God does hate if God hates sins. Its a mystery.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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