Looks like schools, even primary schools, have to employ armed security guards.

School can be the pits. To me school is geared up mainly only for the so called intelligent students. There must be a lot of students who find the whole school system as it is – vexing.

School with its emphasis on examinations and competition divides the winners from the losers. So there has to be losers in the current school systems. The losers are like the dummies, they are the “have nots”, they are not equal with the winners. So we have a “class system” created by the school authorities that stigmatises a lot of students. Such stigma may go with people all their lives. Students try to bury their stigma of loser in to their sub conscience. Teachers do not like teaching the losers. The losers are the low ability students. The low ability students are the ones with low intelligence. Just as people idolise beautiful looks of a person people also idolise intelligence in a person.

To me ABILITY is not about ability for ability sake. Intelligence is not about intelligence for its own sake. Intelligence is ability. Ability is suited to a calling that God himself decrees to a human being. The calling is Gods calling, a calling in to a vocation.

A lot of people in the school system do not see past the ability (intelligence). What most students lose out on is their matching their ability with their God calling. Why do schools miss out on their most important job that is matching ability with calling? Schools do not want to put God first. It’s not about God at most schools it’s about idolising intelligence. God is all intelligence but God is much more than just intelligence, God is a person, God is Spirit, a Spirit person.

Schools can be like prisons where no students really fulfil Gods will. Schools can stifle Gods will. Schools can frustrate students because the students are forced in to going on paths that do not suit them; and parents do the same to their children.

They say marriages can be made in heaven or hell.

I say schools can be like heaven or hell.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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One Response to “22 HURT IN MASS STABBING AT US SCHOOL (news today)”

  1. Jack Curtis Says:

    Seems to me schools have winners and losers sure enough; so does life. Schools now seem more about conditioning behavior than about education. They aren’t interested in the need of the individual student; they’re interested in the needs of the government and the society that it wishes established. There can’t be any God-given abilities since God has been fired and no longer works here …
    Your conclusion seems exactly correct!


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