WATER AND MILK – both necessary to humans

“Drink water” my wife would regularly tell me. I know water is called “The water of Life”. And I have been no big water drinker. BUT I have been and still am a big milk drinker.

For many years I daily have my fix of milk. About a litre a day. Now for the legal beagles I have to make an apology; I drink chocolate flavoured milk, have done for years. Oh I know it’s not pure milk and the law would point this out. BUT it is milk but just flavoured. I know the law would say “But its got chocolate in it”; yes chocolate the evil evil evil chocolate. But I think besides the chocolate that I get very good benefits from the milk.

So I drink plenty of milk (but flavoured). But there are the water drinkers and their witness. Recently a couple came to our place for high tea. We were taking about water. She said “I drink a warm glass of water first thing in the morning”. So afterwards I reflected on her advice. So now for a few weeks I have been taking a glass of water first thing in the morning. As well I now drink plain water with all my meals. Oh I drank water in the past but now I take it more serious.

I considered. Water is called “The water of life”. Milk is called “Mother natures milk”. It seems water is Gods drink and milk is natures drink. Water is from above from the Father and milk is from this earth the mother.

God is associated with water and creation is associated with milk.
Father – sky – WATER.
Mother – earth – MILK.

We humans need water. Life will not exist without water. Life began in water and remains in water. God gave water. In the beginning was water. Was water around before the creation of the universe? Does God and water go together?

We need the mother too. We need the Mother Earth. We live on the earth. We are made from the earth (biblical saying). Milk is given to the new born babies. The mother feeds the babies her milk.

So water and milk. Both necessary for life.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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