The Privacy Invasion.

Edward Snowden is like standing between me and many people employed by the USA Government and saying stop looking at Lester’s private mail (e mail). Edward is also saying to these people in the shadows do not listen in on Lester’s phone talk.


Here’s Edward like trying to protect my privacy. SO WHAT WOULD I BE EXPECTED TO THINK? Hey I like my privacy. I do not want strangers without my permission trolling through all my private stuff. So Edward Snowden is trying to protect people’s privacy, not just mine, BUT the privacy of every other person. BUT Edward is primarily trying to STOP the USA invading people’s privacy, the privacy of people all over the world. SO what about intelligence agencies operating from other countries other than the USA. Surely other countries intelligence agencies are also invading people’s privacy in mass proportions. Edward has pointed out that the United Kingdom is also a mass gatherer of people’s private information. So the USA and the UK are big in invading people’s privacy. BUT surely other nations like for instance China and Russia are big privacy invaders. BUT the USA must be the biggest privacy invader. Maybe the UK second. China surely must be up in the top few privacy invaders.

Let’s go back in time to say the 1950’s. Now did the Government think of looking at say people’s private letters while the letters were in transit. Did the Government tap our home phones? I mean they might have looked at the occasional mail and maybe tapped the odd phone call but not like now a massive invasion.

It’s like an invasion. A cyber invasion by Government. We are being invaded. By our own. Now does Government have a legitimate moral stand in this invasion of privacy? I mean would people object if I looked at others people’s private mail. If I am not allowed to look at other people’s mail is it still right for Government to look at other people’s mail. So nothing is private now a days. Even our private parts are not private now a days. Government seems to want to see all our private parts, either it’s private mail, private phone calls and private parts. Nothing is private. Government wants to know everything about us.

So the Mark of the Beast. Mark on our wrist and forehead. Government will then even know our blood pulse rate.

George Orwell in his book “1984” hit on a good message. George was like a visionary. We need visionaries to enlighten us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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