I saw the bus in the near distance. I reached in to my pocket and retrieved my bus card. The bus pulled up nicely just in front of me. The bus doors opened. I was the only passenger getting on at this stop. I stepped up the few steps, waved my bus pass over the machine, the green light came on, the machine emitted a noise. I then said thank you to the bus driver and sat down in a seat to the far end of the bus. The bus did not move until I had reached my seat.

On sitting down I considered the situation. I considered that when other passengers get on to the bus the bus driver usually does not wait for them to sit down before driving off, except for maybe the elderly. I considered that I am and have been treated differently from others. This treatment has gone on now for a few months. I knew why I was treated differently. See in the last few months each time on getting on the bus I have given a courteous thank you to the driver. The result is that the driver waits for me to sit down. I feel favoured.

Today on getting on the bus I had looked at the drivers eyes and knew in that instance that there was a like a recognition. I thanked her as usual and she waited for me to sit down. Bus drivers very seldom wait for passengers to sit down but drive off as soon as passengers are on the bus.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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