I have been told on good record that “I think straight”. Does that make me more of a real man. Someone also passed a judgement (I heard about it from someone else) on me that I am “male”. Meaning of course I am not feminine thinking. Oops is being a so called “male” a bad thing for me. So I can hear the sarcastic female saying he’s a “male”. So I do not think of women or try not to. I try not to think of females thus keeping me free of the control of women. I protect my heart with vigilance. When the female consciousness comes to my door I try to avoid such involvement because out of most involvements most lead to sinful thoughts. I once was told that I had a “one track mind” and I do. I put the GOD HEAD before even females. So females, yes yes come after God in priority, so females do not find me heartening to them. So when a female comes knocking at my heart, I try with vigilance to protect my heart and not let the female in. I am married; I try to be very faithful to God (who is in my heart) and to my wife (my true soul mate). A wise man of God knows that the woman is the most dangerous to his heart.

I can’t think straight is for most people.

BUT for me I do think straight. I make it a mission of mine to think straight.

Finding a Wife – 2 men in conversation:
Jacob: When I saw her, I cared, I wanted to help her, I wanted to make her happy.
Adam: When I ogled her, I just lusted, I wanted to help myself, I wanted her to make me one happy chappy.
Jacob: I wanted to cling to her, my heart felt sheltered next to her, my heart felt strong and at peace with her.
Adam: I wanted to seduce her.
Jacob: She looked like she needed a strong man a man that cared for her and I felt that I was the man that could make her happy.
Adam: Her arse looked cute, her wiggle of her arse just electrified me.
Jacob: I have been now married for many years; my heart is so strong, I love my wife with all my heart, my doctor says that I have the blood pressure of a young man.
Adam: I was married for one year; she broke my heart; my heart is torn to pieces; my blood pressure is always high.

I have learnt my lessons. God has taught me well. Before my induction in to God’s kingdom and church I was not wise. But over time and learning straightforward wisdom, all simple trueness, I have evolved from a simple man without heart wisdom now to a mature strong wise man who does not let every Tom, Dick, Harry, Gloria and Mary in to my heart or mind. I keep all dirty talk out of my heart and mind. I am washed in the BLOOD OF JESUS, I have been made clean. Dirty spirits can stay away from me. I used to be dirty but no more – Jesus cleans, no other. We can not get away from dirty spirits; the world is full of them; we sometimes get dirty ourselves; but we can wash daily in the blood of Jesus.

So thinking straight is also to talk straight. I am a very straight man.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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