Let’s be straight here; Israel will not recognise a Palestinian State until the Palestinians recognise the Jewish State.

“Just as Israel is prepared to recognise a Palestinian state, the Palestinians must be prepared to recognise a Jewish state,” Netanyahu said.

So STALEMATE? Not really because it’s the Palestinians move and they can make a move but they won’t.

But the solution is for the Palestinians to recognise the Jewish State then the Jews will recognise the Palestinian State.

So it’s the Palestinians next move.
Otherwise NOTHING. The Palestinians have to eat humble pie to move on this one. BUT the Palestinians HATE the Jews. Hate is the worst kind of characteristic. The Jews will play ball if the Palestinians play ball but both have to give. The Jews are going no where, they are staying put and the Palestinians have to realise this. AND the Jews are the stronger opponent. You want something you have to give in return. No freebies.

The Palestinians are deluded if they think the Jews will give up their State sovereignty. Pure fantasy on the part of the Palestinians.

Shake hands and try to live together. Love not hate. Peace not war. The Palestinians also need to give up on all these terrorist groups. Bad company makes bad manners.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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