I think the West is dreaming if they think Putin is going to give up the Crimea.

Why do people say “Good morals make good leadership”. Because its true.

For a leader to make good decisions they must focus properly and think properly and sense properly. Good sense is sensible ness and is wisdom. Wisdom and insight go together. Insight is to understand.

So if say a leader is say adulterating his mind on the flesh in say carnality the leader won’t be of sound mind to make good sound decisions. The mind/soul needs to be in clean thought to make good clean decisions. ”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Is Putin making sensible decisions? Or is Putins mind/soul darkened by thoughts of carnality of flesh. Putin needs to have a wife, one woman. Not play the game with many women in carnal pursuits that darken the soul/mind. Putin I understand broke up with his wife. He needs to marry and cleave to one woman.

The USA has a history of Presidents who are moral. Not all mind you. Kennedy was known as a womaniser (like his human dad) and Clinton just touched on carnality during his Presidency. Let’s look at some other world nations that have good records in moral leadership – New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

For example now in Australia we do not see Tony Abbott sleeping around nor in New Zealand do we see John Key sleeping around. And the USA Barack Obama obviously sleeps just with his wife. And David Cameron of the UK is chaste and faithful to his wife. All just said such leaders rule with morality thus this pleases the God Head.

Moral leadership makes for good leadership. Headship of Christ protects nations from war. Sin brings nations down. Carnal authority in leadership makes the flesh rule rather than the Head. The brain needs to see, insight, the brain needs to think, reason, and the brain needs to use all the 4 senses in the head to rule properly. Sin clouds and darkens the senses.

European leaders in history, even some now, are known for their carnality and as such we have seen (through history) Europe’s nations butchered by evil. European leaders have their mistresses. Europe has been a killing ground over the centuries.

So we have nations like the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK that stand together as a beacon of light and strength against evil because such nations on the whole have morally inspired leadership. Moral leadership is against corruption. Evil loves corruption. Evil uses corruption.

If the flesh rules and not the brain then we see a rule that won’t last. The flesh is just so strong, the brain inspired by Spirit (or human spirit inspired by God Spirit) can last. We are soul/mind in brain and we are spirit in heart. Flesh is weak and will wither in time; soul and spirit is for eternity. Spirit should be our weapon in Words, WORDS OF GODS WORDS.

Putin recently has made a big mistake. True it was good for him to face the media recently to explain. But in explaining he told a big blatant lie to the whole world. Putin said that the pro Russian troops in the Crimea were local forces not Russian troops. This is a lie. And we all know its a lie, it’s an obvious lie. So Putin is distancing himself rather than trying to connect up to people in the world. One lie can lead to many lies. Putin is a world super power leader and we in the world expect better of him. Putin needs to communicate honestly with the world. We do not need an Evil man in charge of Russia. Putin needs to dialogue with the world with maturity and honesty. Otherwise he should get another job. Maybe Vladimir can get a wife and also read the Bible. Oh yes Vladimir should pray, it does not hurt. Or is Vladimir holding in to his job with the gun and physical force – such is the Devils way and not a good way to prepare for the next life.
The wise prepare for the future and the future is eternal.

But Vladimir might still come to the party.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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