The world as we know it today – Eat or be eaten.

BUT true Christians do not have to eat/devour other people (spiritually) because we true Christians eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the blood of Jesus (of course spiritually – all is metaphor).

Jesus taught us metaphorically in a lot of cases because we are spirit and we must learn in spirit (God is Spirit) BUT mankind often sees everything from a physical view; but this should not always be the case; we often only believe if we see not with spiritual eyes but with physical eyes.

Take scientists – all their truth comes from seeing (with physical eyes) not seeing with spiritual eyes. Science learning is usually not taught by metaphor. Science to “Man” (in most cases) is strictly physical. Spiritual really has no place in “Mans” science.

BUT God Teaches – God Spirit to Human spirit. We learn in spirit in heart. God’s Spirit is total light; such light when imparted to our own human spirit brightens up our human spirit. Our physical eyes are the lamps of our body; if our eyes (lamps) are full of light our human spirit is full of light, our body is full of light. Spirit is the spark that gives us light. Some people have dim sparks (lights)(human spirits) some others have bright sparks (human spirits); we need this light (spark/spirit) to see spiritually, seeing spiritually is insight and insight gives us understanding.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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