“Lone Survivor” – The Movie. (War brings out the good and the bad)

Afghanistan will be like Vietnam. Once the USA left Vietnam the Vietcong were vicious against USA sympathisers. Now the USA are leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban are maybe also going to get vicious.

I think all the villagers that helped Marcus (Lone Survivor) should be taken by the USA to a secure location even maybe to the USA. These villagers did a very good deed to the USA and as such need to be rewarded and a safe haven would give them protection from the Taliban. Even give USA citizenship to them. If these villagers protect one USA person they will protect all USA people so they would make good USA patriots. BUT alas it usually does not work like that; the USA might say “war is war people get killed in war sacrifices have to be made; the villagers may die but that is a sacrifice that has to be made”. Me I would save the villagers. I would get them out of Afghanistan. But that is me and I do not run the show. Other heads are in charge but alas these heads might not be as compassionate. I wish Jesus was here on this earth in this world and running the show.

I saw the movie “Lone Survivor”. A lot of physical action; guns, bombs, bullets, killing, blood, weapons, helicopters, planes. I reflected as the movie ended “Fight by the sword and you die by the sword”. And I thought if I was in a physical fight it would be good to have the United States of America as a good friend. Jesus taught us a new way of fighting NOT “an eye for an eye” but LOVE AND FORGIVE. Jesus taught that WORDS were powerful NOT human wisdom words but WORDS that are biblical based. See war starts in the mind and heart. We humans need to protect our minds (Souls) and hearts. AND the WORD of God (Bible scripture) can protect our minds and hearts. So the New Testament is not about an eye for an eye such is Moses laws. Moses laws are Old Testament. Testament is called WILL. God has given us a new WILL. What is the new will? Read the New Testament of the bible; the new will is straight forward and simple.

So man in his thoughts is consumed with the physical. It’s about money and sex. Young people are more prone to the physical, older people wizen up. The soul and human spirit should now come first before physical. Education in this world is about money. It’s about getting money and lots of it. Young people want lots of money and sex. It’s the same with most people. Most people do not want to work with their hands, that’s for the working class they say, that’s for the uneducated people; get educated and live off the workers, manage the workers, be the upper class. So people want to get high qualifications and not work with their hands, they want to live off the workers. Apostle Paul says “work with your hands”. Working with ones hands keeps the weeds out. Weeds are the enemy. You cultivate the mind and heart with working with ones hands. Working with ones hands is hard work.

Most people are not in Gods vocation. Everyone has a God given calling/vocation. Now I am not necessary talking about a religious vocation. There are many God given vocations, many. Vocations are straight forward in Gods calling; it’s not about idolising money or education or intelligence, or status, or the body; true vocations are just like simple for the mind/head that has that vocation; its a head think over the body; the head ruling and getting the body to obey, obey the head/mind. So people with mature souls/minds understand their vocation more; we need a mature mind, our heads need to be totally alive, we rule from our heads not rule from our bodies; we rule from the head and run all our affairs from our head, working to make sure we get all our comforts, our body obeying the head to work to get food and shelter and warmth and water and all our needs for our body. But the head is in charge. Our heads aim and purpose is to comfort the body and make sure the body’s needs are provided for. God is in our heart and head.

So in all our life we aim to supply all our bodies needs and comforts. Our head and heart are alive just as our body is alive. We have soul in mind and spirit in heart.

So could the response to 9/11 and the destruction of the twin towers in New York have been handled differently. The response was revenge. Kill and get killed. Eye for an eye and in the process thousands and thousands people die. People suffer. The Taliban were protecting Osama Bin Laden. The fight was in first instance with Bin Laden not with the Taliban. So could things have been better done to get Bin Laden? The President had to do something to get Bin Laden the President had to appease the USA citizens.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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